i can't stand to look myself

in the eye tonight

the ugly girl in my mirror

has really outdone herself

again, she ended up

the victim

like she promised herself

she wouldn't

another social suicide i suppose

she's so typical

what more could i expect though

from the freak stupid enough

to project herself as this



that maybe

just maybe

someone would like to buy

to use and abuse

like she wants

like she says she couldn't

care less about

but like she wants

wants wants

it's times like this i have

to hold myself back

from bashing my own skull in

and knocking some sense into myself


just bleeding

lying there alone


maybe that would

jolt you to your senses

what will i do tomorrow?

will i be unable

to function at all


will i carry on

as usual?

who knows

maybe i won't have

a tomorrow

maybe i'll start in

on my revenge before i get

the chance to hear

my alarm clock


i hope you cry

and wish you'd been

a little nicer

a little more fair

or maybe just told me

the truth.

is there life after this

or is this even the


after all?

right now i can't imagine

another's torture filling the

place of your's in my mind.

in a way i wish we'd

never met

but who would i be

without this?

i'd be fine

i'd be fine

i'd be fine

let's never talk again

will you miss me when

i ban you from my thoughts

or when i see you

and see right through you?

maybe not

from the looks of things

no one's going to

come take your place

for a




once again

i'm inadequate


do we sever ties


is this still the same?

is this just another

challenge for me to rise

to the occasion

or my signal to just

fucking give up all hope

like i should have done

the day i defined myself

as despretely