The Necklace

"Come on Natasha, let's go, you see that green light? It means we should cross the street." My mother cooed, softly pulling me across the street.

"Gween night!" I said happily, shaking my pudgy little hand up and down in delight.

My mother laughed and patted my small 3 year old head as we reached the sidewalk.

She then looked at my brother, who was still on the street, and yelled, "Yin Zhon Dan, hurry! The green light is flickering."

"I will, I will, just a second, I can't find my lucky penny." My brother shouted back, still frantically searching the ground. Finally, he seemed to pick something up, and stand up. Then he hurried towards us.

Suddenly there was a flash of blue as a bus came speeding towards us. My brother's eyes grew wide with terror and he froze, unable to move.

Finally his body registered what was about to happen and he began running towards us. Then there was the screech of breaks, and a scream.

Everything was silent for a moment, then my mother started screaming, and everyone on the bus ran outside.

I began crying, unsure of what to do, grabbing my mom's hand. Mother shook me off and ran towards the bus.

The bus driver pushed the bus off my brother's broken body, and my mom called 911. "Mommy! Mommy!" I wailed, between my hiccupping sobs and tears.

I looked, horrified at my brother. He was laying in a pool of blood, and his face was so badly broken I couldn't tell it was him. My cries became louder.

A big red and white truck came speeding towards us, it's beeps sounding like shrieks in despair. It stopped next to my mother, and the door swung open.

"MOMMY!" I screamed. Several men in white uniforms jumped out of the truck with a stretcher.

They loaded my brother on it, put the stretcher in, and closed the door.

Through the small window in the truck, you could see the five paramedics bustling around, trying to stop the blood, and bandaging his head.

One of the uniformed men began talking to my mother. Every now and then my mother would nod, or shake her head. She seemed to have forgotten she had a daughter.

Finally my sobs subsided, and I sat crouched on the ground, shaking and shivering, although not from the cold.

Suddenly I felt someone grab my shoulder, and pull me off. I screamed, as immediately my mouth was covered with a cloth.

I struggled and bit as my arms and legs were tied together. Then I was stuffed into a bag, my screams unheard and my limbs bound and useless.

Then I felt a sharp pain in my head. Everything went black.