After an two hour long lecture, (during which I had to strain horribly to just hear what Ms

After an two hour long lecture, (during which I had to strain horribly to just hear what Ms. Carroll was saying) I felt horribly drained.

Finally, the bell rang, and it was lunch time. Drearily, I trudged out of the classroom.

My friends hurried to catch up with me. As soon as they did, they began all talking at once.

"Oh I feel sooo sorry for you!"

"I would absolutely DIE if I got Gordon."

"I would never put up with this! You should complain!"

How am I going to put up with YOU? I clutched my head and groaned as a massive headache started to develop." Guys, just be quiet ok?" I asked them quietly.

They ignored me and continued blabbering.

I sighed and decided to hold it in for the time being.

After lunch I was feeling considerably refreshed. The school had served hamburgers today, and they were great.

Our school didn't give the usual glop of 'Mystery Meat' like the movies, they actually had good food.

For the next hour, the class read books. This was my favorite time in the day, because I was a complete and total bookworm.

Macbeth, The Hugging Tree, Harry Potter, The Circle of Doom, Romeo and Juliet, I've read it all

A/N: I disclaim all those books

Soon, the bell rang again and school was over.

I packed my stuff and walked with Devon and Lucinda to the bus, all the while they chattered noisily.

You've probably noticed by now I'm a pretty quiet person.

We got on our bus, and sat down.

I stared out the window lifelessly, feeling sleepy and bored.

Soon I was at my foster home, and I quickly got off the bus with my brother and sisters (the other orphans) trailing after me.

I opened the front door and stepped in. Then I hurried up to my room and closed the door. Ahhh the sweet joys of living in a small foster home instead of an orphanage. I actually got a room to myself.

I pulled out my homework and sat down at my small nightstand. Then I grabbed a pencil and began to tackle my two pages of algebra.

"f(n) 4n + 3 – 6." I murmured, leaning forward. I tapped my pencil on the table and thought furiously. "f(4) 4(4) + 3 – 6, then f(4) 16 -3, then f(4)-"

"Karen?" I jumped. "Ye, yea? Come in." I answered shakily, trying to calm myself.

The door creaked open and Ariel appeared in the doorway, holding something in the palm of her hand.

She walked in my room and sat down on the bed.

"Hi Karen." She greeted me, smiling. "How was school?"

"It was fine." I shrugged, not bothering to tell her about the Mrs. Gordon fiasco.

"Well that's good." Ariel said. There was a lull in the conversation, not that it really was a conversation considering the small number of words that had been exchanged.

Finally Ariel said, "I found this in a drawer and thought you may like it."

I turned away from my homework and looked at the small silver chain Ariel was holding.

It was beautifully made, and on the bottom of the chain was half of a heart. It looked broken and empty. The silver on the heart wasn't as bright as the rest of the necklace, but something about it was very mysterious, and made the onlooker want to reach out and touch it.

I took it from Ariel carefully and asked her, "Thank you, but, why are you giving this to me?"

"Well, it's yours. You were wearing it when you came here. I took it off once, then couldn't find it anymore. We looked everywhere, but couldn't find it." Ariel explained.

"Where did you find it?" I asked curiously.

Ariel giggled, "I found it stuffed under my mattress. Probably one naughty little child put it there"

I grinned, "Well thanks."

She smiled back at me and started to walk away, then stopped outside my room and said, "I'm sorry it's a little worn."

"I love it." I told her genuinely.

Ariel then left, looking very happy.

I rubbed the little heart, and felt a bump. I squinted at it and held the necklace in front of my face.

Engraved in the heart were the very small letters, N A T A S