I Miss You

I miss everything about you

The way your skin felt against mine
leaving trails of fire
imprints of your fingers burned
into my hips

The way your hair stuck to your face
in sweaty tangles
as you made love to me

The way your body smelt
after you waked
a lopsided smile
when you saw me

The way you'd call me baby
swearing to hold me forever
hold me safe from the world
as I breathed you in

The way your lips met mine
soft and silky
parting in a smile
pressed against me
as tears fell from overjoyed eyes

The way your hands would hold mine
tracing patterns of "I love you"s on my thighs
as you held me close
pushing stray locks away from my face
I could never hide from you

The way you sounded
your voice ghosting across my neck
as you fell into me
filling the holes in my heart
with your

It's been so long since I've
felt your skin
breathed your scent
heard your voice
but every day
I miss everything about you