Kiss Me Again

Kiss me again, and I'll shut up.

I yearn to see you again.

It's been only a day; yet I'm suffering.

Does the weekend have no end?

We've spent together every moment we could.

Ne're leave each other's sight.

I should be satisfied, no so greedy,

But I wish for another night.

Okay, maybe not night, but mid-day 'twas,

Lost in your eyes was I.

Slept, I could have, and dreamt the sweetest of dreams,

But interrupted were we by time.

The songs you sing repeat in my mind,

But I want to hear them once more.

Sing me to sleep, please, I beg;

Sing me to sleep like before.

I wait for your call

I apologize for growing impatient,

But to you I've grown attached.

Life without is redundant.

Every time I see you, I fall again

Into the depths of love and regret

My parents know not of us; you and I.

This, we must not forget.

My love for you grows day by day

I feel I'm going to burst.

But regret worms its way in,

Reminding me of those I may have hurt.

It's too late to turn back.

What's past, is past; what's done is done.

I can't leave you; I won't.

We'll be together; never alone.

The school week approaches

Tomorrow stares me in the face.

In your arms, I'll be once more

For most of the next five days.

Waiting for your call and wondering where you are

I can't focus, your face clouds my senses,

And the memories don't help either

While we're so close, so far; I've gone senseless.

'til the time I see you again,

when I find myself in your embrace,

I'll have to console myself

With my thoughts; with my memories of your face.