Time Travel

I twirl the shell in my hands.

Where has it been?

Where did it go?

So much farther than I,

I'm sure,

and yet I hold it in my hands.

So many things, so ironic.

Never expected them to happen,

but life carries on in its

mysterious ways.

There lies many surprises,

I've found everyday.

Life takes a turn,

a turn of which we knew not;


People disappear, appear.

Places change and grow.

The world keeps spinning

as the seasons change and

world grows old.

Speeding through time and space,

we control not what happens.

We move too fast

and have no time to


Improvise as we go along.

Come a stone, we step over.

Come a blockade, break it down.

Come despair, cry a little, and move on.

And to think,

this small shell traveled

farther than I.