Midnight approaches,

and I can't sleep.

Music on repeat,

I think of you.

Wishing you were here,

I wonder if tomorrow will come.

Will I be alive?

Will you?

Will our feelings still stand?

I pray I won't jinx,

for I need you;

my lifeline, my all, my everything.

Your apologies ring in my ears.

It wasn't your fault, you know.

Your poetry in my mind,

so beautiful, yet you think not.

The night, so calm,

I gaze at the sky and wonder,

"Are you looking, too?"

Time seems to be frozen

as I lay here restless.

Eyes pierced open,

I need your lullaby;

your song.

Will you sing for me?

Please do.

Calm me, relax me, comfort,

for sleepless I'll be without.