The Price Of Civil War

The poor children who died that day

Boy, was it a price to pay

Soldiers murdering civilians for no reason

Except it was a price of war

Babies, women and children all died in fires

Or heads cut off, or tortured to death

Blood spilling on the ground in front of the Church

Homes being burned down to the ground

And the Church got the same treatment

That was a price in Civil War

Poor children everywhere heard about these deaths

They understood it could've been them

Babies, too young to hear this

Mothers, trying to keep the children from hearing the losses of the Civil War

Those soldiers who murdered had no heart

Some of them called it fun

Idiotic jerks killed innocents

Said it was a cause of War

But it's the price of Civil War

Poor humble spirits who died

Hope you live a better life up there

Up there in Heaven