I hear you cry, the sun goes down
There's something nasty in this town
Seduction hides their wicked snare
The little freaks are everywhere
You can't hear them as they lurk
Where you sleep or where you work
Lock up your precious kids again
These cradle-robbers always win

Where was your little girl last night?
She fucked a stick of dynamite
She's a little fried, but she's all right
I checked her out myself

Hey Mommy, what do you do
When your baby doesn't want to be you
Do you punish her for the self she is inside?
You can't hold her down forever
She'll grow up before you want to let her
She'll do all the things you wish you'd never tried

The little beasts are everywhere
You don't see them, but they're there
Searching for their next recruit
Waiting for some fresher fruit
Pain they take, and pain they give
Live for death and die to live
A lustful laugh, a wrathful stare
These twisted fucks are everywhere

Have you seen your little boy?
Right now he's being someone's toy
He'll pay with blood, for such a joy
But he'll come back again

Hey Daddy, what can you say
When your baby doesn't like things your way
Shall he be rebuked for trying to be free?
As he sheds your heavy skin
He'll find something dark within
A demon you should be glad you'll never see

Yes, I do admit that we seem strange at first
But soon you'll realize everyone is cursed
This life torments us, stretches us like the rack
We can stand the pain by giving it

Our moral nightmare lives inside
The angst is like a moonless tide
We've so much pain we need to share
Get scared, my friend, we're everywhere!