Guardians 2

Episode 1:

As you may already know Niaya was destroyed by the super guardian x other named as Tasigh. Tasigh dissappeared and was never found. Toya and Roder were released from their mind control and so was David and Kimberly. The guardians all went back to New York to pack their bags for college in September. They were all adopted to a college in California Theyare now in California.

Maleek: Wow big campus.

T.K.: Sure is

Shevon: Lets go find our rooms

The guardians all walked in and saw a lot of people either walking to class or going into the office. The guardians and T.K. walked into the main office. They all found their rooms and went to them. Maleek was with T.K., Kadeem was with Adam and Shevon had to say with this guy named Stephen who had a crush on her. But she took care of that when she switched rooms with Adam.

The Next Day...

The gaurdians all had the same classes and the first they had was chemistry. The teachers name was Mr. R and he seemed familar. After class they guardians started to T.K.

Kadeem: That guy seemed famalar

Adam: didn't here

Maleek: I feel like we know him

: That because you do

Shevon: Who's that

: Mr. Richards

Richard came out of the shadows but it was Mr. R

Kadeem: Your not Richard your Mr. R

Richard: When I exploded I opened a portal to the real world and aged 10 years

T.K.: What , it... it'sreally you

Richard: Yeah, Hey where's Tasigh

Everyone stopped talking

Shevon: Well he's somewhere

Richard: What happened

Maleek told Richard what had happened. Then Richard told the gauardians about 4 other guardians at the same college. They guardians were excited to hear that. Then Richard told them about training classes they would have to attend. So they all said their goodbyes and left. When Maleek went to his class he saw something strange.

Teacher: Hi my name is Mr. Shaw, and i am your calculus teacher.

He was actually the guardian's Focus Energy Teacher.

Brandon S.: And...( He turned to look at at a guy sitting in the middle of class with a hood over his head) Sir could you please take of that hood.

: My name is T, and NO

Brandon S. Okay

After the class ended Maleek told the rest of his friends about the guy.

Adam: Just a show off

Just then a earth quake hit the ground and everyone fell. The guardians went outside to see that it was a gaint wolf. They were about to destroyed until someone flew up to the monster and killed it with super ray vision. Then he flew down to everyone standing outside.

To Be Continued,...

Who is this guy is he a superhero or a Superfool?