Guardians 2 Chapter 5

Armored Guradians

Kimberly and Tommy flew over to the monster.

David: So your finally here

Tommy: Sorry

Kimberly: Lets just do this.

Sharifa: Fine

David: Blizzard

Kimberly: Snow Storm

Tommy: Lightening Wave

Sharifa: Rolling Lightening

The monster was shocked then fell to the ground and froze. But not for long. The monster broke free and shocked them all but it didn't really affect Sharifa and Tommy because they were juiced up by it. Then they both fired and electrical brake down but it didn't affect the monster at all. Then the monster used all its eyes to shook them to a pile of garbage.

Kimberly: That it now armor on.

Tommy: Lightening Armor on

David: Snow Armor on

Sharifa: Lightening Armor on

All of them put on arome alode Armor. It looked amazing. The snow armor was all white with claws coming out and a jet pack. But the lightening armor had double swords and winged shoes. They all had mask like the one shredder use to wear. Also their ki was so strong they blew everyone off their feet including the guardians.

Richard: That power is amazing.

Tasigh: You can say that again

Richard: That power is...?

Tasigh gave him a sturn look..

Richard shuts up. They all continued to look at the other Guardians.

David lets do this

David's Team: Yeah

They all hit the monster with a blizzard thunder storm and it was destroyed. After they retracked their arrmor back into there body. Then they all flew back down. When the got there a news crew came and started asking them a billion questions:

1. Who are you?

Answer: The Armored Guardians

2. Where are you from?

Answer: Maryland

3. Were you the one who destroyed the Queen Niaya.

David: Yes

Tasigh: WHAT !!

Tasigh flew straight into the crowd and helped David up wit one hand.

David: Put me down.

Tasigh: I'll put you down when you stop lying to these people.

David: Alright we'll settle this right here right now.

Tasigh: You want to fight

David: Yup

News Caster 1: Who Are you.

Tasigh: The real fighter who killed Niaya

CameraMan 3: Yea and I'm the tooth fairy, stop playing kid.

Tasigh eyes started to glow white.

Tasigh: Do I look like I'm playing

Everyone backed off.

News Caster 1: Turn on the camera we have to get this story.

David: snow armor

David put on his snow armor and got ready to fight.

Tasigh: Light Sphere

David Blizzard Claws.

Tasigh caught them and flipped David into the ground.

David got up and both swords flew straight for Tasigh took out his reverse blade sword and stopped it. They continued to clash swords until David ran out of breath but Tasigh was fine he didn't even break a sweat

Tasigh: Your already. To bad.

Tasigh held his hand like a gun and fire a light blast as big as a blackboard.

Kimberly: NO

She tried to run to save him but Shevon tripped her on purpose.

David was shot and hit the ground hard. The News Casters ran up to Tasigh to get the big story but all he did was used to break the cameras and blow them all away. The Guardians ran up to him.

Adam: How come you always have to show off.

Tasigh: It's just my style.

The Guardians all went inside while the armoredguardians tended to David.

To Be Continued...