Before My Eyes-Romeo and Juliet

Right before my eyes

She steals his heart away

Right before me

She claims his soul

Jealousy kills me

I never rest

I went through blondie, red,

And now brunette.

It never ends

I always say.

We're just friends

I know he thinks.

We're just friends

Of me he believes.

People spread lies

Encouraging my heart.

There's no such thing as peace

Not in this disquieted place.

Why does he stir me?

Why do I love?

It's pain, I suffer.

It's her, he has.

She's beautiful…

And sweet.

She's caring…

And meek.

He loves her,

Not yet.

But love me not

He won't regret.

Before my eyes,

They laugh.

Their spirits dance.

There's a oneness we lack.

I love him.

I love him like none other.

He's perfect.

She's got him though.

They are Romeo and Juliet.