Quantity over Quality

I wanted to write a thousand pieces—
proclaiming and projecting my desire for you.

Metaphors painting pictures within your head,
similies comparing your beauty to cranes and flowers.
Bending, wrenching and twisting my words to impress you.

I wanted the power to move you in such awe.
To sweep you off your feet—to take away your breath.

I wanted to inspire you,
over and over again.

But I am racing the seconds and minutes of time.

Every tick and tock of the clock is a hindering,
because the hour when I can no longer see you again is quickly approaching.

I am counting down the weeks—
the days left until you leave my sight.

Though I can not bear to imagine,
what will become of me when you are gone.

So I write—
with the belief that quantity over quality matters.

Because if my longing for you can only move you once,
then every letter etched into this sheet of paper is meaningless.

I will show you,
that I am desperate for you within every line!
I am needing you within each and every stanza!

So please— remember me,
through end in end.