a.n. just a warning - in my opinion, this is shit. i don't know why i wrote it. i had peter pan stuck in my head and had to get out this jumble of words. i don't like it. the ending is rushed. it seems unfinished and has a slight dramaqueen vibe to it. but maybe you do like it. which is why i posted it. i'm looking for constructivecriticism. be nice please. my ego is rather fragile. thanks for reading. i will eventually get round to returning your reviews. i promise.

-- --

I wanted to fly like you
"Think happy thoughts
I wanted to feel the wind in my hair && the stars between my knees
(followed by your hands between my thighs)
Because innocence is so overrated.. though we play the part so well

You listened to my stories
Let yourself dream for a while of a world like the one in my mind
&& I kept it a secret
That it was you who was the hero of my fairytales
You who caught me every time
I fell

So I captured your shadow
Jealous of how it was with you for always
Then you came to me
&& I tasted your fairy dust on my lips
(it was then I realised I never wanted to leave you)
"Forever is an awfully long timeā€¦

So I followed you across the sky
"Second star to the right, && straight on till morning
Chasing that unrequited dream of my very own 'Happily Ever After'
Ignoring the way the shining stars
Cut my luminescent skin
As they shot across the sky
&& you took my hand as you slid with me along their tails

You required a mother in Never Land
For you were lost && in need
How was I ever to refuse??
I just adored feeling so needed
.. Wanted
I wanted so desperately to save you
Because I'm selfish
&& I want you to be mine

(Surely you know what a kiss is?
"I shall know when you give me one.)
We danced with the fairies
Though we could only ever attempt to match their elegance
You made me feel beautiful
Even as my emotions got in the way of your game

I liked it here, so warm && (un)safe in your arms
I felt my heart swell && burst
As your kiss saved me
I fell

You showed me the mermaids (but I wasn't allowed to touch)
You showed me the fairies (but I wasn't allowed to speak)
You showed me the lost boys (but I wasn't allowed to belong)

Nothing but shattered technicolour dreams
&& worn out romantic fantasies to
Catch me
I was forgetting
What it felt like without you
"You won't forget me, will you?

My make-believe world splintered into pieces
Sticking like thorns in my sides
Under your caressing hands
The fairy dust was shaken off
The mask removed from my eyes
Was it really all just pretend?
Is there really so much more?

I fell
I always did find (ir)responsibility so entrancing
&& I honestly don't know why I tried
Because we both knew all along
I never could fly like you