'You know I love you! I promise I'll be back!'

'Just remember Cindy. In exactly two years, I'll be sitting at this exact table at this same coffee shop waiting for you'

Two years later, I found myself at the same coffee shop.

Walking towards the exact same table.

You sat there by yourself, smiling.

You looked so happy.

I walked towards you, my smile growing with every step I took.

And then she came.

She ran up to you and kissed you passionately, covering you with her bright red lipstick.

Not only that but she leapt onto you and spilt hot chocolate all over your shirt.

I thought you were going to be shocked, pull away and ask her what the hell she doing, but it was the complete opposite.

At the front of the coffee shop, I stood there with my jaw dropping down to the ground.

Unable to understand why.

Why you were kissing her back.

You were just as passionate as she was, if not more.

You had no complaints.

It seemed like… you actually wanted it.

What happened to our love?

Tears flooded down my cheeks turning into rivers cascading down my face.

Why were you at our place, with someone else?

I ran out of the coffee shop without a second glance.

How could you do this to me?

I caught sight of my ruined face in the reflection of a shop window.

I came back for you,

It was tear stricken and covered with running mascara.

But what did you do for me?

I couldn't get over you.

I woke up the next day, lying on a stack of photo albums.

I saw my reflection in the vanity mirror.

My hair was a mess, and my eyes were red and puffy.

I opened one of the photo albums.

Inside, there was a picture of you and me, happily smiling and deeply in love.

The sight made me tear up.

I ended up crying myself to sleep again.

I woke up in the early hours of the night.

I got up and went outside.

I didn't know where I was going, but I let my feet do the walking.

They brought me to a meadow.

That same meadow.

The same meadow where you asked me out.

It was almost exactly how I remembered it.

I wished I could lie down and count all the stars.

But I couldn't.

Because it was missing something.

Me and You

4 years later.

It's been 4 years since that day at the coffee shop, but I still can't help but think about you.

Not just every week but every day, every hour and every minute.

Heck, even every second!

I wonder if you still think about me, or if I have become a distant memory.

I dream about you and me, somehow finding ourselves again.

In my dreams, you kiss me, hug me and tell me you'd never leave me again.

I often wake up in the middle of the night crying,

Wondering why I had been so stupid to think that two years later, you would come back to me.

Instead, you found yourself someone new.

Someone to replace me.

If I hadn't gone those two years, maybe we'd still be together.

Maybe we'd be engaged.

Or maybe even married…!

As usual, I let my hopes take over me.

I can never forget you're taken now,

That you're mine no more.


(read below for the alternate ending)

I had even been thinking about you when I talked to Lucy, a colleague of mine at the hospital, when we sat in the lobby eating lunch.

Everything reminded me of you.

Even the salad I was eating. I could almost see your face reflecting from it.

"5 years ago, my boyfriend had been suffering depression because he missed this girl. He drank a lot and one day he crashed his car. He suffered major injuries and developed amnesia" said Lucy.

"So he's forgotten about her?"

She sighed.

"Yeah, he has, but sometimes I can't help but feel like a part of him is missing. I know he loves me but sometimes, he looks lost. He still doesn't remember her though. Maybe he never will…but if he does, he'll probably leave me…"

"That's so sad…He must have been so in love with her."

"Yeah… You want to meet him? You can come over to my house tonight for dinner!"


I started droning her out again and thought about you.

Tick Tock Tick Tock.

I couldn't see a clock. Instead I saw you smiling at me.

I knocked on the door of Lucy's house and as usual I was picturing your face.

Gosh, I can never stop thinking about you.

How the door can show any resemblance to you, I don't know but it does!

In the distance I called hear Lucy calling (to her boyfriend I presume) "That must be Cindy, could you please go open the door?"

The door opened,

And it was not who I expected.

It opened to reveal you.

You stand right in front of me.

I look into your eyes, and it's really you.

Your brown chocolate eyes look at me with confusion.

"Do I know you?"

My mouth drops.

I'm shocked that you show signs of remembering me.

You wait for my answer and your eyes look at me questioningly.

You're exactly like I remembered.

"Uh…no!" I squeak out unconvincingly.

I'm scared that if you remember me, you'll leave me again.

You continue looking at me, still questioningly.

Your expression changes and you look me in the eye.

"Cindy? Is that you?"

Oh shit.

You remember.

My first instinct is to run.

Run and run to someone far away where you won't find me.

Thank god for all those years on the track team. I guess it paid off.

I turn the corner but I hear footsteps following behind me.

I guess I forgot I use to train with you for track.

After all, that was how our relationship started.

I soon run out of breath and give in.

I lean against a tree trying to regain my energy.

You've caught up with me.

You look at me with such longing and adoration.

"Don't cry Cindy. It's really me."

I touch my face and it is then that I realise I've been crying.

I look away and bite my lip, trying to force the tears to stop.

Suddenly, you wrap your arms around me and kiss me.

It's a kiss full of lust and yearning.

The feeling of your lips on mine, make me kiss back just as eagerly.

When we finally pull away, I rest my forehead against yours and whisper, "What about Lucy?"

You pull away and run your hand through your brown hair.

You speak so quietly, I barely hear you.

"I wish I never got amnesia, or I would have gotten to spend the past 4 years with you.

After I was diagnosed, I never felt whole.

Those two years while you were gone, I missed you so badly, I became depressed. My doctor made me go to the therapist. On the way home from one of the visits, I was thinking about you and I crashed the car.

When you appeared on Lucy's doorstep, I didn't remember who you were, but I felt like I was suddenly whole again. Some of my memories suddenly came back, so I finally remember you."

You pause and speak up again.

"We'll have to tell Lucy. She should understand…Cindy, you're crying again."

You hug me and I cry on your shoulder.

You tell me its okay, and I hug you even closer.

"I missed you and I'm never leaving you again" I whisper.

December 13th - I recently uploaded the rewritten version of this, but then I decided I like this version more. :)
The only thing I've done is split it so that the end is now an alternate ending because....that's the way I like it. :)