i burned away; you turned away
by: poetic abortion (3/19/2008, 3:22 PM)

the lies, the lies, the lies that seperate you and i
(it tastes like war and cigarettes and you'll-never-come-back-home-alive)
it's winter here and
you've been gone since spring
how i miss you

(come back to me, she said, that girl you'll promise the world to and more
come back, come back, come back she whispers to the night, scratches on
burnt paper, with her evening prayers
come back, come back, come back to me)

the letter is sent late
we are sorry to inform you, it reads,
and her tear-ducts can't produce the tears
(too many sleepless nights, too many nightmares,
too much pain, too much hurt, it's just too much, too much)
and on the day he's supposed to come back to me he's not here
instead, he's kissing angels and at peace
the blood on his hands won't be there to stain the carpet
the callouses on his hands won't touch me
his smile, his laugh, his everything--he is gone
now and forever

the war is over now
the war is over now
for you and me

- title: i burned away; you turned away (c) Summer Shudder, Decemberunderground, AFI.
- this is definitely the product of too much AFI, too many stories from World War II that ended like an anti-fairytale (my grandparents, though happily, and another couple of which my family is close to), and those of the current war in Iraq.
- i've never cried so much writing a poem.
- Atonement by Ian McEwan was an inspiration; the movie, more than anything. (what can i say? i so love the pretty.)