If you look at me

You can see a smile.

But did you ever think about digging deeper inside me?

There are stories no one would expect to be there.

I put on a mask every morning.

Some things just can't be repaired.

I make mistakes,

And can't sleep at night.

Screams tear me from my sleep.

Anger slams me to the floor.

I can be cut and hit as many times as possible,

But nothing could hurt as much as the emotional pain I feel now.

My eyes can never erase the image.

Rain will come down.

Time will pass.

Life goes on.

God will cradle me in his arms.

Comfort me.

Try to heal the scars.

Try to stop the tears from coming down.

My heart aches.

I need someone to grab my hand.

To not let me jump,

Now when you look at me,

You see more under that smiling face.

It's life.

It's the truth.