"Well," Emma asked pointedly

"Well," Emma asked pointedly. "Do ya got an explanation for whatever just happened?"

"Not here," the man said grabbing her wrist. "We have to leave now." Emma refused to move but glared at him.

"No! I want to know what the heck is going on. Who that guy Henak was? And why this is happening to me?!"

"Alright," The guy said looking around anxiously. "I'll make you a deal. You drive, I'll talk."

Emma glared at him a moment before turning to her car. "Fine, get in." They walked over to the car in silence. Emma was upset. She could have gotten over the job interview, but this…this she wasn't so certain about. "Well?" Emma demanded as she started driving.

"It's complicated. Let me think of where to begin at least," The man almost snapped. Then he sighed. "Sorry, it's been a bad day. It's not your fault. It's Henak. It's me. It's my own inability. Dead Fates! Abigail is going to kill me."

"Who's Abigail? Who's Henak? And who are you for that matter?!" Emma yelled angrily. She desperately wanted to bash her head against her steering wheel.

"My name is Isaac Efrias. I'm a sorcerer-in-training. Abigail is my tutor. She's a high level Mage. Henak is…a…demon for lake of a better term."

"A what?!" Emma screeched hysterically. "First of all, sorcerers and Mages do not exist. And neither do demons for that matter. That's all just a bunch of fairy tales. Now why are you picking on me about it all?!"

"I'm not! I'm being completely honest with you. It's not my fault you don't want to believe me. Besides, demons aren't what you think they are. You see them as beings of satanic ability. They're really just evil sorcerers and Mages who have given up their souls for ultimate power."

"Oh, just power hungry, soulless beings folks. Nothing to worry about at all!" Emma said her voice torn between sarcasm and terror.

"This is probably a bit much for a person to take in all at once isn't it?" Isaac said looking at her concerned.

"No! You think?!" Emma demanded angrily.

"Look, I'm sorry that Henak drew you into all of this. It's my fault." Isaac admitted.

"What do you men it's your fault?" Emma demanded pulling over to the side of the road.

"When I saw you at the gas station…I was thinking of…of how beautiful you are." Isaac looked straight into her eyes as she spoke and Emma didn't know what to say. She didn't know what to say, because she had been thinking the exact same thing about him. "Henak was able to read my thoughts because I didn't guard them like I was supposed to," Isaac continued. "It was my fault that he targeted you because he knew that I would care."

Emma stared at him opened mouthed for a moment. "You know," she whispered after a few silent, tense minutes. "You're making it really hard to get mad at you."

Isaac shook his head. "You should be mad at me. You should be furious with me and for good reason. I'm dangerous. Everything about my world is dangerous. Now I will protect you from it. That I swear."

"Forgive me if I don't have much faith in that Isaac Efrias. I don't even believe in magic and you're giving me this whole load about sorcerers, mages, and demons. Forgive me if I'm a little doubtful."

Isaac sighed. "Do you want proof?" He asked looking around them.

"What? What kind of question is that?" Emma demanded.

"Do you want proof?" Isaac repeated his question again still surveying the area. "I can transport us to Abigail. She'll know what to do."

"Are you crazy?" Emma asked. "You expect me to trust that you aren't just going to drag me off to some dark ally and kill me?"

Isaac stared at her calmly. "If I wanted to kill you…I would have already done it." He climbed out of the car and started to walk away. Emma suppressed her urge to scream and hit the steering wheel instead as she turned off the car. She ran after Isaac and caught up with him. She ran straight into him. He caught her in his arms and it felt like they were everywhere at once and then they were on the ground.

Isaac waited around the corner for the girl. As soon as she ran into him, he put his arms around her and muttered the incantation. Then they traveled. He was one of the lucky one's who didn't get sick after every time he traveled. He hoped that the girl wasn't prone to sickness or Abigail would not be happy.

He opened his eyes and looked up at the ceiling of Abigail's office. Then Abigail was leaning over him. If she had put any power behind that glare, Isaac could easily have been burned from the inside out. "Hello Abigail. As you can see, things did not go well with Henak."

"You let him get away," Abigail snarled.

"It wasn't intentional," Isaac defended himself quickly.

"It's doesn't matter if it was intentional or not Isaac! You failed in your mission," Abigail snapped. "And you brought a powerless mortal here. What the hell were you thinking?"

"I was thinking how I was going to protect an innocent," Isaac shot back.

"She should not be here Isaac," Abigail growled.

"So I'm supposed to leave her so that Henak can kill her?!" Isaac demanded standing up and glaring down at his master. "I won't do that Abigail. I swore to give this girl my protection. Do you wish to make me a liar?"

"Apparently you wish to make yourself a fool. She cannot and will not be given protection Efrias. She is not one of ours."

"I refuse," Isaac said his gaze cool and steady. "I swore this woman my protection and I will do anything to make sure that it happens."

"You say this only because you do not know what you mean," Abigail laughed.

"Excuse me!" The woman said standing up shakily behind Isaac. "Don't I get a say in any of this?"

"No," Abigail said firmly. "You know nothing of this. It does not concern you."

"Wrong answer," the woman snapped. "I was attacked by that guy Henak and he threatened to come after me again. I think it is my concern."

"What is your name girl?" Abigail demanded.

"Emma Brandt, who are you?" Emma demanded back making Isaac's eyes widen in surprise. Most people did not defy Abigail unless they knew for certain that they were more powerful than her.

"I am the Blue Mage, Abigail Dale. It would seem that my apprentice made promises to you. He had no authority to do as such. You are no concern to us."

"You can't say that Abigail!" Isaac yelled coming to her defense. "It's our duty to protect all from demons like Henak."

"Yes and if you had done your duty then she wouldn't be in any danger from Henak now would she?" Abigail asked icily.

"I won't let you send her to her death Abigail," Isaac growled glaring at Abigail hatefully.

"And what will you do to defy me?" Abigail asked haughtily. "Nothing, Isaac Efrias. There is naught you can do for your stalked lover."

"Wrong," Isaac's voice was no more than a whisper. "There is something I can do." Then he turned to Emma and got down on one knee. "Emma Brandt, be my wife."