sitting outside on the steps
and just staring up. wondering if this is all i'm destined for.
a life of anger and longing. not knowing what to do, just stationary.
much like the stars that i know are hidden beneath
the light blue of the sky i'm staring at.
but even the suns and planets move. exploding into a last burst of combustion.
is this how i will be? a supernova.
so powerful and breathtaking that i collapse in on myself.
then a black hole. misery loves its company, they say,
and i'm be the epitome of that. sucking away every ounce of life and light left,
consuming and turning darker still.

i stare at this happening unknowingly, these stars exploding before my very blind eyes,
and i wish you were here to watch the death of light with me.

the fading grey-white lines the jets paint on the pale azure of cloud-and-atmosphere-lightened abyss
are the boundaries to my dreams.

and i wonder if your rare, sad smile will overlap, lighten
my shadows. my darkness.