'In a world where vampires and humans co-exist, it is a necessity to teach the younger generations of our world to respect and love each other for the survival of both the species.

Vampires are taught to respect the humans and their life. In order to do that, we have to implant these highly ethical and moral values into them without disregarding the fact that they should have the best education that we could ever provide.

In this academy, vampires will be trained and taught how to be the next ruler of our kind. Giving them a comfortable and efficient environment to study.

Furthermore, this academy is made especially and only for Royal and Chief Class vampires. An elite school for the elites and pillars of the future.

Welcome, ladies and gents, to Vampire Rose Academy.'

What a load of bullshit. I mean seriously. It's one big load of bullshit.

Do you want the truth? I'll give it to you. Here's the plain bloody truth:

First, vampires and humans do NOT co-exist. Underneath those smiling and good-natured attitude, there's a strong underlying current of hatred, distaste, and fear - but fear's only from the human's side, of course. Vampires are the shadow kings of the world, even in politics, economy, and the growth of the world. Humans, even the most powerful human on earth, are just merely puppets of the vampires. But that's not what this story is about, just thought I'd let you know.

Nevertheless, even amongst the vampires, there's the problem of social status. A very great problem.

In the vampire's social triangle, there are three classes of vampires:

First off, is the lowest of the lowest called Slave Class. They are vampires that are not really vampires. Vampires with human's blood in them and are considered as dirt blood. They do not possess the strength and agility of that of a normal vampire. Instead, they only possess the long life of a vampire's.

The Royal Class - vampires who determine the future of the vampires as well as humans. Who control the way the world moves. They come from the royal linage of the very first vampires who ever existed. Their blood is pure, they're quick and strong both physically and mentally. They are the pillars of hope and the Chief Class - vampires who work directly under the Royal Class, carrying out the Royal's decision and direction without a noise of objection or the slightest hint of disagreement and defiance.

Each group is determined by the color of the birthmark of that of a rose that appears on the side of their neck once they reach a full month after their birth. A white rose indicates you're from a Slave Class, black rose for a Chief Class and a red rose for the Royals.

Just for some additional info by the way, vampires don't feed on humans unlike what you may read from stories written by humans. (Do you see my point? Humans like to draw a very bad image of us!)


Well, okay, who am I kidding? We do feed on humans but it's very expensive and tiring. As to why, I'm not going to say but you'll find out soon enough. Trust me. But we do feed on snakes and tigers, wolves and eagles. We don't just sink our teeth into the flesh of these animals too. It's barbaric. We slaughter them as anyone else would do, drain their blood into a bottle and keep them refrigerated, and pour them into wineglasses to drink as part of fine dining.

Any other questions? I hope not. But if you do have, feel free to ask for it might help you understand better the way the story - which you're going to hear about from me later on - works.

Oh, forgive my momentarily rude behavior. I have not introduced myself yet. I am Sapphire Graché. A vampire from the Royals. A long distant cousin to the current (brat) princes of the vampires.

And guess what? I also happened to be the next queen of the vampires. If you still do not know what the hell I am hinting to you about, I'm engaged. Yes. I, Sapphire Granché, engaged and fiancée to the next King. But here's the tricky question, who am I engaged to?

Will it be the eldest prince, Lucius Frasdéche? Cold and distant and absolutely uptight. One word from him with that voice of his will leave you scrambling all over the place doing his every bidding. His glare sends chill down your spine and when he smiles, you're in trouble. A smile that's filled with amusement yet his eyes will tell you an entire different story.

Or is it the second prince, Derek Frasdéche? Scandals follow him like a plague yet he loves it. The handsomest among the three princes, tongue that is sweet and playful. He could even make the coldest girl melt in front of him with a wink or a mere brush of the arm. Highly irresponsible unlike his elder brother, and never attends a single class except for music - no, he does not play the piano or any grand instrument, but he does play the electric guitar. Go figure.

The youngest of them is Darren Frasdéche. On first look, he's the most normal amongst the three - the friendliest I might add. But on a closer look and deeper understanding of him, he is a spiteful vampire that would make a bitch queen look like Mother Theresa. Everyone around him - except his brothers - is his puppets. He plays them to his will without them knowing until it is too late. He ruins others life for his own benefits going all the way out, not stopping no matter what the consequences are until he gets what he wants.

With these three as one of my possible future husbands, let me ask you one final question:


Lastly, before you decide that you'd rather not delve into my problematic life story and click the 'back' button, I'd figure it's best for me to say, "Welcome all who are curious, into the splendid life of - the rich, famous, - Royal Class vampires where scandals, sadness, betrayal, angst, insecurity, happiness and love ensues. Welcome to the Vampire Rose Academy."

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