To all my old readers, I got a sort of request/suggestion, which I thought was very good, that I add a sort of prologue to the story, to add maybe background, family detail etc.

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For Therealme1123


"So, listen you little hooligans, I won't have you coming back to school next year with a broken arm or two. No, I won't have you guys coming back like that. I want you in tip-top condition, all ready for the working mood. DO I MAKE MYSLEF CLEAR?" Mrs. Hudson, our homeroom teacher screamed. God, it felt like I was in the army. The class gave her a very unenthusiastic, 'yes'.

Her being all British and all, not that I'm taking the mick out of British people or anything, cos' like why would I? I mean I am British…just I live in the USA…yah…well like I was saying, she was some strict up-tight teacher. Someone needed to spike her drink, she needed to loosen up a little!


"Yes Mam'!" We all chorused, except for the one jock who said 'sir'. I think he was trying to pull a 'Matilda'. You know what I'm talking about? The part when the Headmistress takes the class and the one kid goes 'sir' instead of 'Mam'', you know that bit? I'll shake my head in disgust if you don't know what I'm on about…

"I CAN-" Just as Mrs H was about to finish her sentence off, the bell rang. HALLELUJAH! A whole summer with no teachers, studying, and most definitely no homework. Ah, it was like heaven on earth.


We stood outside on the parking lot with the rest of the guys, TRANSLATION: Jocks, and cheerleaders. Don't you just hate social division? I mean I'm part of the so called 'in' crowd, just because I'm a cheerleader, but like, that doesn't change the fact that I'm a bookworm at heart. Without my cheerleading, I'd just be a social outcast, so why put up with social cliques? Wow, it's like I'm trying to tell myself to hang up the pom-poms.

"So, Eden, what're you plans for the summer?" Emily Whitebeard asked me. Emily Whitebeard, a name no high school-er of our day will forget. Tall, blonde (fake), brown eyes (real), curvy, and has a smile that'll just blind you (Tooth whiteners). We all stood in a circle, about fifteen of us. Scott Stone; jock, number one on my most hated list, starred me down.

"Oh, I'll be reading, eating, watching movies, the usual."

"No holiday?" Scott asked.

"Oh no. My parents aren't really holiday..ers. What about you?" I asked politely.

"Barbados, dad's got business up there, so he's taking us all, since it's the summer." I nodded. We all said our goodbyes to everyone. You know the usual, 'Oh I'll miss you call everyday!' Which always meant, 'I hope I don't forget your name, and please don't bother me this summer!'.

"Well, bye Scott," I said lastly. Offering no hug, Scott didn't seem to fazed about that. Ah well, his loss. I heard my hugs were am-ah-zing! Though I don't see how hugs could be all that amazing…(ponders).

"So," my best friend Andi said. "This is gonna' be one boring summer!" Oh, and didn't I know it…

So, there it is. There's not much on the main character, or much detail on her. But I just wanted to show that it was the beginning of the summer holiday. A sort of introduction to the characters. The next chapters will have more on each character as they are introduced, and will be set during the end of the summer holidays, thanks for reading!! :D

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