Babysitting Dramas Rewrite!

So there I was sitting at my computer table thinking, hmm, I haven't looked through BSD lately. Then bingo I thought 'gee why don't I check it out?' so I did...Then it happened! After going through the story again, I sighed, cringed, and nearly cried at the spelling mistakes, and some of the storyline etc. Yep, I nearly CRIED! -sigh- my only excuse is...well...I was young? OK, so fourteen/fifteen isn't all too young, but young enough for me to have an excuse!

So, anyway, I was thinking, after I finish my two main stories on here now, 'A Year to Live and Love' and 'Dear Annie', I might start a rewrite of the story. It needs major polishing up. The story line might be a little different, with new characters and some old characters out. I'm not sure about the details right now.

Anyway, I just wanted to post a little author's note to tell you about that. It might not be up until the end of the year, depending on how…inspired I am, but yeah, tell me what you think; rewrite or no?

Thanks loads mi amigos!

Hopelessly Cliché