stolen security

A/N: this poem, in its original form, has some of the lines indented, which helps make a lot more sense. So, in an effort to preserve a bit of that clarity, I've added the (...) to the beginning of lines that should be indented... Hope it works. -CD

a stolen security blanket

the flannel shirt

once belonging to

my brother

...strained by his broad shoulders

...stained by the grease of his car

now belonging to me

...even though

...the long thermal sleeves

...fall far beyond my fingertips

once smelling like him


irish spring

tainted with a wisp

of bitter solder smelling like me

...strawberry shampoo and

...rose perfume

...defiling his masculine flannel avoid reclamation

faded plaid


heavy and soft nighttime

...over Scotland

wrapping around

my shoulders



the kind of embrace

I would never receive

from him

...and not just because

...he's a thousand miles


it's almost the same

...I tell myself

when I find

I miss him

the most a warm silhouette

...of his distant affection

his shirt

his arms

wrapping around me

an unconscious gesture

of stolen security