The bitch crossed the line and the worst part was that she knew it. That's why she twisted her perfectly glossed lips at me in a smirk. My vision blurred a little as the anger in me flared. I could feel my arms being held back, as if someone was pulling me away from that repulsive little whore.

"…all your fault," She spat out.

And I snapped.

I could feel the pull on my arms let go and my body flying at her repulsively shiny blonde hair. Her scream made me smile as I punched her, seeing red stream out of her newly done nose. I felt the strands of her hair in my fist as I pulled away fiercely. I pressed my knees into her stomach, harder and harder, all the while hoping her breathing would stop.

"Miss Pratt!" I heard someone yell. I ignored it as I punched the side of her face again, knowing I would cause a bruise. I felt a pair of heavily muscled arms pull me away. But before I got too far I kicked her. Right on her left side, where I knew she would get a nasty bruise. Maybe she'll even have her ribs broken. Oh, I could only wish.


Oh golly, was that really me?

I looked back at her and saw tears strolling down her now purple-ish cheeks. Her little carbon copies ran to her side, stroking her hair and trying to fix her up. I let out a growl as I was pulled away.

Before I knew it, I was sitting down in an uncomfortable chair, looking straight into the dean's angry green eyes. The room was silent and I could have cared less. All I could think about was her bleeding nose, her hideous bald spots, her blood red lips and that beautiful black eye.

"Miss Pratt, your parents have been notified and are coming. They should be here any minute," Dean Rovers informed me. I didn't show him a response. Instead, I looked at the wall behind him. We both sat silently, listening to the ticking sounds of his grandfather clock.

"Sir, Mr. and Mrs. Pratt are here," The secretary's voice buzzed through the office. I watched the dean press the intercom and his lips move. I didn't hear a thing since all I could hear were those three words.

All. Your. Fault.

Was it? Was it really all my fault?

"Jael!" I heard my mother yell. I didn't turn to her. "Oh, what happened?"

"It seems that your daughter and another student were involved in a fight this afternoon," The dean answered with his hands on his desk and trying to look professional.

I personally thought he looked like an angry hippo.

With his floppy brown hair, large tummy and chubby pink cheeks, he really did resemble a hippo. His nose even agreed with me since it certainly didn't look like a human nose. His ears, however, turned down instead of up like a normal hippo. I wonder if when hippos are angry, their ears go down.

I should look that up.

"Again, Jael?" My father asked me in a disappointed tone. I've heard his tone so many times in my life, I barely care anymore so I ignored him. Instead I looked straight ahead at the dean's head.

It's so floppy. I wonder if it's a toupee...

"Jael! Are you even listening?" My mother yelped at me. I turned towards her with no change in my face.

"What would you like me to say, mother?" I asked in a cold voice.

"What happened?" She whispered. It was as if she was begging me to tell her it was all a mistake. That nothing happened. That I didn't beat Allison Marcy, the school's resident bitch, to a bloody pulp.

"Well, mother, this is what happened. I woke up this morning, feeling like total shit because not only is it Monday but because I realized that for the first time in two years, Kaden wouldn't be picking me up.

"So I walked into the school, alone and fearing that I would have a friggin' breakdown. But I knew that if I cried, everyone would know I was weak and start an entire dramatic thing over it. So I sucked it up and went to my classes, not saying a thing and never showing weakness. Finally, it was last period. I wanted to run out of the school but instead that skank stopped me before I could leave. She started talking about him, mother. She called him so many horrible things and how it was my fault that he's gone. She blamed me. At first I didn't do anything. I let her stomp over me and talk her trash. But then she crossed the line. She called him an uncontrollable druggie who deserved to die. I wasn't going to stand for that. Even she knew I wouldn't stand for that. She asked for it," I finished off in the same icy tone I started with.

"Dean Rovers, what are our choices here?" My father

"Well, from what I can gather, it's true that Miss Marcy verbally attacked Jael first. However, Miss Marcy never once laid a hand on Jael. So, it really depends on if Miss Marcy decides to press charges. However, the school still has a policy and since Jael did engage in a fight, she is suspended for the rest of the week. She may come back next Monday, if she wishes."

If she wishes, meaning: you might want to move.

"Thank you, Dean Rovers. I think it's best if we leave now. We will contact you again to discuss Jael's standings," My mother said in a sickly sweet voice. It disgusted me how different my mother and I were.

I stood and followed my parents out of the empty school building. I could hear my parents discussing how they would be looked upon now from their colleagues and how I would have to be sent somewhere. All I could do was play with the hem of my school uniform.

Holton's School for the Gifted. Or better yet, Shit Hole-ton's School for the Preps.

We stepped into our limo where I sat at the other end of the vehicle, away from my parents. They looked at me with shame and disappointment.

"Jael, this is the seventh school in the past five years. We thought you were doing so well. You haven't moved in two years and now… this. I don't even know what to do with you anymore," Mother confessed with her hands waving around dramatically.

"Who said I'm moving again?"

"Well, you certainly can't stay here! People will talk, Jael. You know that," Father stated with anger.

"So where am I going now?" I asked, barely even caring about their answer.

"It's already well into the fall semester but I figure if I pull a few strings, we can get you into somewhere decent," Father answered, almost sounding proud of his 'connections'.

"Great." Just then, we arrived at our museum. Most people call it my house, but I don't think of it like that.

Home is where people feel comfortable and loved. When I enter this place, I don't feel a thing. The only things in this stupid building are fancy paintings, expensive rugs, exquisite sculptures and rare books. That's why Kaden and I nicknamed it the 'Pratt Museum of Uselessness'. But who cares? It's not like Kaden and I can laugh about it anymore.

I ran up to my room and felt the tears wanting to leave my eyes. But I ignored them and fell on my bed.

An hour later, I was still on my bed. The only difference was my parents were watching me from the side of the bed.

"Reiner Academy starting next Monday," Mother announced.

"Where?" I questioned, not caring about the detachment in my tone.

"Connecticut. Pack your things, it's a boarding school," Father demanded before I heard the two of them stepping out of my room.

A boarding school. Interesting. I've only been to one other boarding school and that was four years ago.

They kicked me out for setting one of the dorm rooms on fire.

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Who is Kaden?
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What's with Allison?
Well she obviously said something to piss Jael off! Once you find out about Kaden, everything will be clear. Promise.