Kiss The Sky

Bounce; reflect,
The echoes never seep
To me.

Are you afraid?
You should be.
Because it's never
Been this clear before.

In the morning sky.

Spoil me,
Brush me,
Change me,
Rush me...

Love me.

What were you trying to say?
I have already forgotten.
Painting with the secrets of the world,
The ones that only I can see.

Beneath my feet
Lie all of the
Unwritten rules.

I catch them looking,
And they turn away.
Watching me in

What is this grace that they see?

They know that
A broken dream can
Be beautiful.

Don't ever let the sun catch you crying.
Or it's game over.

I can't repeat it,
I can't stay on;
I've got to get back
To where I was before.

How do you find yourself
When you are stuck in a crowd?
They don't see it,
But I have changed.

Maybe that's why it still hurts.
Maybe that's why I can't fight it.

Tell me,
Tell me,
Is this the beginning
Of our end?

But it's not over yet.