TITLE: Ah, The Falling Angel May as Well Be a Woman For Who Could be So Deceiving

I'm the queen of deception.

My throne is lined in glitter and jewels.

Shall your curious eyes wonder,

I'm sure to please with my enticing words

and sweet lies.

There is a fine line between pleasure and pain

and I will give you one.

And in my box of lost and found,

I've kept your stolen heart

and your 'once was's' love letters.

Her curse was her innocence

and with my knowledge

I led you astray.

Oh please tell me you'll

surrender at my feet

and I'll shed some clothes.

Fall into this pit and

we will play hide and seek

among the dark.

Drink my poison and

breathe my aroma.

You'll be lost in a secret paradise

though farther from Heaven.

Why be nice when you can be bad?