Chasing dreams,

Chasing dreams,

I was chasing you,

Through fields of wild flowers,

And somehow I got lost,

Between screaming and crying,

I couldn't see you,

Don't go, Don't go,

Without you I don't know,

What forever will be like,

If you go,

A piece of me will die,

And if I may see you again,

I'll do my best to make all your troubles gone.

And I didn't realize the time,

But I looked you in the eyes,

And all my life seemed to dissolve,

Into the lies I had told,

But I didn't feel like I needed them anymore,

And I guess this is how I'm saying I adoreā€¦


And the way you look at everything,

With those brown eyes,

So caring, so loving,

And the way you smile at me,

And question me when I have tears in my eyes,

I know when you leave,

We won't exchange goodbyes,

I won't say much at all,

Ever again, probably,

The light of my life will be gone,