A phenomenon is something you latch onto like an airbone disease and whether you're in for a hell of a ride or not you're strapped in you're ready to go you are riding this wind in freefall and if it ends up pushing you six feet under and burying you in your grave then darling that's what's gonna happen to you. You lose yourself you fall into a new world everything that makes you up is gone and you're not a name or even a number now to anyone you are one in a mass and you're not going to get picked up out of there unless your star's shining down on you tonight. And when you dress-act-talk-feel the same as everyone else then the transformation's really begun because when you think back to all that time ago when you didn't have the phenomenon when you weren't who you are now then that scares you because it's full-blown one hundred percent walking talking three-dimensional skeleton zombie nightmare and you wake up in a cold sweat wishing that will never happen again. And it won't baby it won't just come back to bed it's not time to get up yet because our finest hour has yet to arrive. But now with T-minus twenty-four hours until your finest hour well then this isn't a game anymore is it darling? You've parked that car dropped that phone slept on the floor dreamed about this for longer than you can remember so wake up wake up! Our time has finally come. And it's elbows and scissors all up in your face and questing eyes and twirling ribbons of dark as the whole world watches with bated breath as it all comes tumbling down the inevitable fall the one thing to end it all. And you knew this whole time it was coming you knew and once you dreamt about it and somehow that terror wasn't anything close to what's actually happening and you half-wish that you could die and you half-wish that you could live forever so you can tell everyone just what happened here tonight. And like it or not the world's gonna know. The world's gonna see-sleep-eat-breathe-drink it all in five senses and three dimensions because words won't ever do it justice.