A Flower By Any Other Name...

The second the bell rang a stream of students cascaded through the doorways of the classrooms. A girl of short height carried a noticeably heavy backpack to her locker. Dropping it with a thud, she began to work on the built in lock.

When she finally pried open the metal door, something dropped by her feet. She bent to pick up the piece of stationary, examining the simple design on the outside. She stuffed it into her pocket in order to keep time on her side, and dumped half the bag's contents into the locker, slamming the door.

As she headed for her next class in the building across the street, gym, she took the paper out of her pocket. She unfolded the note, first scanning over the design and then, the neat handwriting.

It wasn't neat in a girl's style, more like a guy's style. The note said, 'Roses are overdone and I know how much you enjoy a deep meaning.'

After the note came a short poem reading:

My thoughts of you remain persistent

Refusing to cease within my mind

And though sometimes I may seem distant

In my heart it is love that I find.

She reread it a couple times confused. The note before implied there was a flower and she wondered who may have put it in her locker. She was so focused on figuring it out that she bumped into a tall boy, "Oh, sorry."

She looked up, meeting the familiar face of her friend Don. "On your way to gym as well I see," he replied, smiling.

They proceeded to talk as they both reached the doors that would take them outside into the freezing world of snow. She shivered and quickened her pace; glad she had taken her coat. Snow circled around them, being blown every which way in the chilled air.

When they reached the door, Don pulled it open for her. She rushed in, brushing the snow from her hair. She was in progress of going to the girl's locker room but he stopped her. She turned, waiting for him to say something. He began to open his mouth but closed it and handed her a gladiolus. "Did you know gladiolus represent strength of character?" he asked.

She stood mouth agape and shook her head to signify she hadn't. She continued to watch him turn and head for the boy's locker room before heading to the girls' herself.

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