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Chapter 1

     Diary of Selena Moonstone

     December 12

      La Hija de Dios has once again left her mark. I know because I am she. My name strikes fear into every vampire's heart. Last night, I took down Carni. He was particularly difficult to catch. I had chased him from city to city, finally cornering him outside the Old North Church. He crouched down in a defensive position, waiting for me to make my move. I could smell the blood, as well as see it around the rim of his wicked mouth, his fangs barred and menacing. I gripped the cross around my neck before grabbing my crossbow. I placed an arrow, made purely of wood, tip and all, into the center and drew back the string. Carni just stared at me with fierce eyes. It was as if he wanted me to kill him. I hesitated briefly before letting go. The arrow shot through the air into Carni's chest, right where his heart should have been. A loud screech escaped from his mouth. His body fell to the earth, twitched, and then remained still. I released a heavy sigh and walked forward, bending down to retrieve the arrow. After saying a quick prayer for Carni's soul, I placed a small, white rose with a black ribbon tied around it on his chest. This was a sign that I had been there. With that, I left, the sun rising slowly behind me. Killing has become second-nature to me. Like my parents before me, I spend most of my time hunting down the undead, killing them so that they cannot hurt another. Do you think God will forgive me for killing them? I often wonder. The Ten Commandments say "Thou shall not kill", but can it really be call what I do killing? After all, how can you kill something that is already dead? The sun is fully raised now. I am safe for one more day. Then, I will return into the darkness, hunting my next victim. How ironic. I hunt the hunters of the night. Who must die next? Only time will tell.

I woke up just after four in the afternoon. Feeling the familiar cross around my neck, I got up and dressed. Being sixteen years old, people expected me to wear voluminous dresses and petticoats, elaborate hats decorated in flora. I however, refused to wear them. I preferred the soft cotton material of leggings, and shapeless silk shirts. The brown cloth of my leggings was worn, but fitted, allowing me to run easily when circumstances called for it. The silk shirts were loose and provided a small comfort to me, as they once belonged to my father. They were all I had left of him beside my memories. My choice of clothing, though not exactly in style, kept me warm, and were modest enough that the people of the village did not contradict my decision. Not that they ever spoke to me.

I was considered an outsider. I lived in a small farmhouse at the edge of town. My parents died of pneumonia when I was twelve. Since then, living on my own, I had trained myself to fight against evil. My parents had been notorious vampire hunters, highly respected among the larger cities of France, England, and Italy. I carried on their legacy as La Hija de Dios. The Daughter of God. Killing was my duty. A duty I would commit myself to until my dying day.

"Selena! Selena!" I flinched as the sound of my name penetrated my thoughts.

"I'm coming, Billie," I shouted, racing to the stairs. Billie, short for Belinda, stood at the door, waiting rather impatiently for me to open it. I let her in and watched as she made her way to a chair sitting beside the empty grate of the fireplace. She glared at me and quickly started a fire. Then, taking her time, she took the scarf from around her head and folded it in her lap, her long blonde hair cascading around her shoulders. I kneeled down on the floor across from her and waited. Billie, with her porcelain skin, striking eyes, and impulsive character, was my only friend. She loved to come visit me, but because of her parent's disapproval of my status in society, she could only visit once in a while. Mostly when they were out of town or at a party.

"How have you been?" she asked diplomatically. I smiled and told her I was doing just fine. "That's good." She dropped the diplomacy and started to talk quickly and excitedly, her voice raising a few octaves. "You know, Selena, my parents have gone to Bradbury for a few days and they have left me all alone. How about I stay with you! That way you'd have some company and we could talk. We haven't been able to talk in ages."

"Believe me, if it's been ages for you, think how long it's been for me! You're my only visitor!" I laughed.

"I don't know what you do when I'm not around," said Billie maternally. "But, not to worry. For the next three days it'll be you and me. Doesn't that sound wonderful?"

"No!" I shouted, perhaps too quickly. The idea of having Billie near me at night frightened me. She didn't know of the vampire business and I wasn't going to endanger her by having her with me.

Billie made a sour face and squirmed in her seat. "Why not? Don't you like me anymore?"

"Billie, you know I like you, but –"

"But what?" she interrupted haughtily, her eyes flashing.

"I do things. Things you can't even imagine. Yes, I want to see you and spend time with you, but it must be sparingly. You know how I feel. You can visit during the day but you must be home by night fall. Okay?"

"Fine. Have it your way. I wish you would just tell me why you fear the dark so. Nothing has ever happened to me." She glared at me fleetingly. Then, something dawned on her and her eyes became animated. "Oh! I almost forgot! My cousin from Ashwood visited me last week." Billie switched into gossip mode and I knew I was forgiven. Smiling, I nodded along with her as she dove into a recount of her cousin's tale. "My cousin told me that people have been disappearing from Ashwood! Some wind up dead and others are found walking the streets with no memory at all! It's the strangest thing.

They all have been found with these strange symptoms: loss of blood and small marks on their necks, two little holes at its base. It's bothering the guards because they can't seem to find any leads. None at all. A most peculiar case. My cousin is afraid that she will be next, but I assured her nothing will happen. 'Pray to God for safety' that's what I told her. 'God will protect you'. Do you think I was right in telling her that? I prayed to God many a time now begging for her safety. I'm scared for her, Selena. Selena? Are you okay?"

I sat in stunned silence, as if I had been slapped in the face. Marks on their necks, loss of blood…all these things happened to the victims of vampires. But, Ashwood? That was only twenty miles from here! I had to go fix this. If it was a vampire, I couldn't just let it feed off of innocent people.

"I just remembered I'm supposed to visit someone. A distant cousin," I rambled hurriedly. "I am to meet her tomorrow. I'm really sorry Billie but I must go. Wait while I pack, and I'll walk you home. The sun is already starting to set. You can't wander around alone at night. Wait here, I won't be a moment!"

I dashed up the stairs to my room, lunging for my bag of equipment. I shoved a few shirts and leggings into it, as well as a brush, my diary, and a small silver mirror that had once belonged to my mother. Moving quickly down the stairs, I grabbed a loaf of bread and some fresh apples and added them to the bag as well. I pocketed a change-purse and returned to Billie. She had put out the fire, wrapping her hair back up. Even though there was no snow outside, it was still a bit chilly.

I tied a thick cloak around my shoulders, practically dragging Billie from my house. Untying my horse, Ginger, I led her beside me, stopping at the bend in the road for a last look at my little farm. Who knew when I would return? Silently, we walked to Billie's house, the only noise being made my Ginger's hooves on the cobblestone road. Billie gave me hug and wished me good luck on my travels before we separated at her front lawn. Climbing onto Ginger's saddle, I urged her into a steady jog. The sooner I got to Ashwood, the better.

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