She began to run her slim fingers over his covered chest feeling the muscles underneath reacting to her light touches

She began to run her slim fingers over his covered chest feeling the muscles underneath reacting to her light touches. They skimmed down to the bottom of his loose dark t-shirt listening to his heavy pants of expectation.

She hooked her fingers underneath and dragged the shirt over his spiky head, her lips mere millimetres from his now bare skin.

His lean chest now bare to her attention she traced the bones on his shoulders with her fingers following them with her lips he shivered a small gasp escaping his lips.

She turned her attentions to the rest of his neglected chest learning what made him gasp and what made him moan.

She looked into his unusual blue eyes the green specks flickering in the low light.

He understood the silent command and removed his white trainers and socks leaving him bare foot on the plush carpet.

A mesh leather belt held the jeans to his narrow hips the metal buckle came undone easily under her fingers. Slowly she pulled it off making sure to brush against his growing manhood.

She slid her hands down past the waistband of his now loose jeans and cupped the growing bulge squeezing gently he grabbed her shoulders for support a long broken moan sounding out.

She retracted her hands and undid the button on his jeans and sliding down the straining zip releasing some of the pressure on him.

She let them drop to the floor before he kicked them off she began to play with the skin just above the waistband crouching down the suck at the sensitive flesh feeling him jerk moan in response.

She pushed him down onto the king-size bed that dominated the centre of the room. He watched her with lust filled eyes waiting for her next move.

She crawled over him and began nibbling on his ear making her way down to his neck leaving her mark there before skimming her lips down to his chest she lapped at his nipple smiling at the approving sounds he was making.

Finally she was faced with his silk boxers a very prominent bulge attracting her attention. Smirking up at him she nuzzled the side of his fabric clad erecting lightly noticing the light layer of sweat that now glistened on his body. His irritation at her teasing pace became obvious as he lased his fingers in her silky hair and thrust his hips trying to get some relief.

Quickly she removed his hands took the edge of his boxers in her teeth sliding them down; she could smell the precum that lased the head of his cock.

He lay there naked his head thrown back in pleasure as her mouth engulfed the head of his rock hard erection her tongue swirling round it making sure to taste him fully before taking anymore of him she took a little more of him sucking gently listening to his reactions before pulling almost all the way off making him whimper. She placed feather light kisses down his length making him beg her for more before suddenly taking all she could in her mouth making his cry out in pleasure and surprise.

She felt him hit the back of her throat and instinctively swallowed, this time he cried out her name.

She pulled off him completely and crawled until she was straddling his hips. She grabbed the edge of her light sundress and pulled it off over her head leaving her in a lacy black bra and a matching scrap of lace on her hips.

Her teasing had finally driven him over the edge as he grabbed her hips and switched their roles so he was looking down on her shocked but aroused expression. He lowered his lips to the soft skin of her neck creating a large prominent mark, claiming her.

He reached underneath and undid the clasp of her bra pulling it off roughly and attacking her already hard nipple. She was crying out in pleasure and pain as her nipple became sore under his rough treatment.

He ripped the lace from her hips making them equal he could smell her arousal dripping from her heated core.

He reached his hand down between her legs and ran his finger roughly over her clit making her jerk and moan loudly loving his impatience and love of dominating her so thoroughly.

By this time her teasing, moaning and moving against him and made him hard to the point that it was painful. He lined him member with her opening before thrusting in, filling her completely and making her cry out his name loudly and her slippery hot walls stretching to accommodate him. He stayed still for a moment feeling her passage squeeze him deliciously. She became impatient quickly.

"Move" she moaned breathily indicating her need.

He pulled out almost completely before thrusting back in hitting the spot inside her that turned her to jelly. She arched her back at the sensation wrapping her let around him pushing him in further. Her body gleamed in the light and her hair fanned out around her head making her look like a wild goddess in his eyes. He felt himself draw near to his end and began thrusting wildly with need. She was gasping and panting for air her heated body writhing below his, she could feel an all too familiar pressure build in the bottom of her stomach growing with each thrust.

He couldn't hold back any longer buy he was determined to bring her with him; He dragged his thumb roughly over her nub thrusting her into the pleasure spiral that was her orgasm. Her soon followed his body going numb at the intense pleasure that now racked his body. He only just registered her calling out his name in bliss before he went slack all energy drained out of him, He rolled off her dozing body and pulled her to rest against him before sleep finally claimed him.