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Chapter One: Destined to Meet

by SavannahX

When I think back to eighth grade, I can't help but relive the memories of how we met, how he ruined my life, how he almost drove me to kill myself. It had all started out innocent enough, yet now I'm stuck here, wishing I would have never gotten involved with him.

It makes me think, though. If not me, then would he have pulled the same antics on some other girl?

Maybe if I can just write it all down, I'll be able to make sense of what happened. I still don't know.

Eighth grade was dragging by. Although it was only November, I wished that it was May. I lived for summer break, to feel the sand beneath my toes in Florida, the wind whipping my hair back, the salty tasting water. Unfortunately, my parents had decided that instead of living in Florida, we were going to live in rural Indiana. I'd lived there almost all my life, so I guess it wasn't too big of a deal, but I LIVED for summer break when I would go to Florida.

There was a tap against my head and I turned around and saw a piece of paper balled up on the floor. I looked to see Brandon grinning back at me. I rolled my eyes and turned around to read the note. Mr. McCoulough wouldn't even notice if I had died, so I really doubt he would notice me reading a note.

Carefully, I yanked the ball open to see some barely legible script. I squinted and eventually was able to read the faded writing.


I love you.

Will you marry me?"

Rolling eyes, I wrote,

"No way.

You've got cooties!"

The ball was thrown back and I hit him in the head. He laughed, unfortunately out loud. The teacher, Mr. McCoulough actually noticed something for once in his life.

"Brandon, do you have something to share with the class?" he asked, his voice changing pitches as he talked. Sometimes I wondered if Mr. McCoulough was still going through puberty. He voice cracked like Brandon's had the year before. We all had this theory that he got pregnant as a woman and then had a sex change. Therefore, he was still pregnant and that's where all the weight came from.

Stupid theory, I know. What can you expect from a bunch of immature eighth graders?

"Oh, I have something to share with the class," Brandon commented back, unrolling the ball of paper. "I asked Natalie to marry me and she said NO!" Brandon looked like he was going to cry as the rest of the class started laughing. That was Brandon for you.

Mr. McCoulough wasn't amused, however. He sent Brandon to the ISS room for the rest of the period for being disruptive.

Like he cared.

See, that's the thing about Brandon. He was the "class clown." He liked being the funny one who made everybody laugh. That was his whole goal in life, to make people laugh. He had a knack for it too.

His face didn't stop people from laughing either. Don't get me wrong, he's simply gorgeous, but he had these features that made him look funny. He had a pale, skinny face that had some monkey attributes that made people giggle. With his skinny frame paired with the bright blond hair on his head and those blue eyes you could get lost in, he didn't look too much like a monkey, but we still all teased him about it.

He was my best friend. He had been since we were four and I moved into the house next door.

Back then it was blissful and tranquil. We had spent all of our time playing house, him being the dad and me the mom. Now, it was different. He wanted to play football and video games, while I wanted to get my hair done with the girls. We still had those late night sleepovers where we laid together, eating popcorn and watching action movies. That was out monthly tradition since I turned six and it wasn't about to change anytime soon.

Most parents wouldn't trust their middle school aged children together, but my parents had known Brandon since he was a little boy and knew we weren't going to do anything. We weren't going to, anyway. We were just the two best friends, inseparable for life.

He was more than just my best friend, though. I know I said we wouldn't do anything and we knew that because we had experimented with the whole couple thing, and it just didn't work. At 7, I had my first kiss with him and we didn't talk afterwards for a month. It had been awkward for us, like any other little kids who shared their first kiss together. But he had apologized with a roll of bubble gum tape and a hand-drawn card with us just being friends.

We'd experimented with it last year as well. He had asked me out about halfway through the year and we had tried the couple thing. We did all the things any normal middle school couple would do, made out in his room when his parents weren't around, held hands around school, you know the general stuff.

We broke up because we wanted to be just friends, though. The night before he broke up with me had been our monthly sleepover and my parents had been asleep. We began making out and after a while there had been some hand on breast action. Then he broke up with me, scared we would ruin our friendship if we kept it up.

I agreed as well.

So our relationship was very platonic, with no romantic feeling toward each other now.

The day drifted on like any other day. I saw Brandon in between classes with his other friends and I would hang out with my other friends. It wasn't like we hated each other, but at school we didn't hang out as much as we did outside of school.

At school I hung out with the girls.

We normally giggled around like the immature girls we were.

"So, okay you guys!" my friend, Marie, said. "I saw this new kid! He's so hot!"

"What's he look like?" Becca asked in a high pitched voice.

"Well, he's blond and really tall!" she said thoughtfully.

"Why don't you just look over there?" Maddi commented, pointing to this unbelievably gorgeous boy walking with Brandon and his friends.

"Maddi!" Marie yelled in her quiet little voice. It was meant to be a real yell, but Marie is so little that you can't always hear her. She's a very quite person.

He was hot, indeed. With Marie's vague description I could have named almost half the guys in my grade. He had something different about him. Maybe it was just the air of confidence that followed him when he walked, or maybe it was something more. To this day, I'm still not sure what made every girl go after him for the next week.

He was very tall and heavy-set, not fat, but with a thicker build than someone like Brandon. His blond hair fell down in a shaggy mess to his ears, with flecks of brown scattered between strands. He had a little boy face, almost like he still had his baby fat. Maybe all his flaws were what made he so beautiful.

He caught my eyes, maybe because I was staring at him, and he flashed this killer grin at me that made me almost melt.

Now, I've never been in love before. I don't even think that I was in love with him at the time. Now, at least. At the time, he was perfect and I was in love.

"Isn't he hot?" Marie giggled. Maddi hit her playfully in the head and said, "Dibs!"

"Oh, like he'll like you," Becca said, standing up tall and sticking out her rather large chest.

Becca was the prettiest one of the group. She had gorgeous, sleek chestnut brown hair that was naturally straight. She had thin bangs covering her forehead and dark, chocolate brown eyes and a skinny, tall frame. She was naturally well endowed, with her large chest that naturally attracted guys. She had a bubbly personality and was a pretty crazy girl.

Maddi was shorter that Becca, but not by much. She naturally had light brown hair but she had dyed it to an orangey-red color. It wasn't the most flattering look for her, but her face made up for the strangely colored hair. Her eyes were brown and her skin was tan, for she had lived in Arizona up until she moved here in sixth grade. She was in an on-off relationship with a high school sophomore named Alex, but at the moment they were broken up. Maddi had a bubbly personality as well, but she wasn't as crazy as Becca. She had her skater-punk side, then she had the preppy, "I'm better than you side." She was the person who did the weirdest, random things all the time. She was the outsider in the group. Even though she was my best friend, she tried to pull away a lot of the time.

Marie was the littlest in the group. She was Italian, with the cocoa skin that Italians had. Her hair was dark and curly, with dark brown eyes. She was very skinny, which equaled a very small chest, something she hated. She had a quiet voice that matched her small frame and she had this innocence about her that diminished when you got really close to her.

Then there's me. Natalie Nicole Tanston. My hair is the same color as Becca's and at the time I had blond streaks in my hair. I wasn't really necessarily pretty, although my friends told me I was. Every girl was self-conscious about something and for me it was my face. Acne had cursed my family's genes.

My eyes were a deep blue, darker than Brandon's, but not too much. I was also pure pale.

Becca naturally had the advantage with the large chest. We all knew she did.

"Whatever!" Maddi shouted in her ear. "He'll definitely like me! Who wouldn't?"

"Oh, yeah." Becca rolled her eyes. "Aren't you dating the high school sophomore, anyway?"

"No," Maddi said curtly. "We broke up the other day. His name is Alex, by the way."

Here comes a Maddi/Becca fight. Uh-oh. Duck and run for cover.

"I know his name is Alex," Becca said snottily. "You'll be back together by next Monday, anyway."

"Excuse me?" Maddi grumbled. "We might not get back together this time."

"Mmmhm," Becca mumbled, playing with her nails absentmindedly.

"Oh shut up!" Marie interrupted. "Natalie and I really don't want to hear the two of you bicker again!"

They both stared at Marie, shocked by her audacity. Marie turned and looked at me to back her up.

"Anyway, it's time to go to class," I mumbled, not wanting to take sides. "Bye you guys!" I ran off, avoiding the situation.

Slipping into my seat as the bell rang, I looked up to see the teacher distracted by that new kid. She pointed towards me and then he nodded and sat down in the empty seat behind me.

"Hey," he muttered and again I just about melted. His voice was deep and rigid, but not too harsh for a girl to fall in love with. "I'm Trevor," he added.

"Hi," I muttered, stumbling on my words. "I'm Natalie."

"You're that gorgeous girl that Honey was talking about."

Just for your clarification, Honey was Brandon. His name was Brandon Honey, so we all called him Honey to tick him off.

"Oh, you know Brandon?" I asked him, pretending like I was oblivious to the whole thing in the hallway.

"Yeah, he helped me find my first few classes. He also couldn't quit talking about this gorgeous Natalie girl that was his best friend."

Flattery, eh? Two could play that game.

"Well, you're pretty gorgeous yourself." He flashed that grin again.

"So, do you think you'd want to join me for lunch today?"

Of course I would, Trevor.

It's so pathetic how I fell right into your trap.

End Chapter

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