Emotional intimacy? Excuse me while I scoff

Am I supposed to just drop everything and talk

Just because you're in the mood?

Oh, how very rich, coming from the guy

Who has his tongue down my throat

The minute he gets me alone

Has his hands all over me

As soon as we're in private.

You expect me to believe you

And that you really care?

Honey, you don't give a damn

I'm your little innuendo doll

Strutting around in a mini and heels

And damn, I'm good at being your slut.

After all of this, you want us t become

Something more, something deeper?

Sweetheart, I thought you'd be

Intelligent enough to realise that

(As all our conversations revolve around sex)

There's no capacity for something deeper.

I'm your plaything, your toy

And that's all I'll ever be.

So don't feed me your "emotional intimacy"

Bullshit tonight, because I won't listen

I'll only leave your sorry ass

Rolling my eyes in disbelief

That we'd ever be something more.