Tough Love

Tough Love

By Josée Lanoue

Chapter 1: The new kids

Lilly Maria Cayle is a 14 year old girl, with long brown curly hair down to her lower back and chocolate brown eyes. She lives with her foster parents in Ottawa. Her parents died in a car accident when she was only 2 years old, but she still remembers her parent's faces.

Ding. The first bell rang, music started to play in the hall way. Five minutes later another ding. To announce that classes had started.

-Sit down class I have a new student that I d like you all to meet. This is Alex Devon, he comes from California. I hope you have a good time on your first day at our high school. Now choose where you want to sit? Now class I'm Ms Blanchette…

Alex Devon was a tall and muscular boy who had brown eyes and brown curly hair. Dale Garbon was a tall as Alex with light brown eyes and blackish – brownish straight hair. And Brandon Houle was taller then Alex and Dale and was built with muscles. He had greenish-brownish eyes and had straight dark brown hair.

-Lilly Cayle is that your name? Alex asked

-Yes, what is it? Lilly replied

-I was wondering if you could show us around.

-Us? She asked in confusion.

-Yah, I have to friends from California that are here to. So can you? He asked with a charming smile that made her heart melt.

-Well, come see me later at the end of the class and I'll show you and you friends around.

-Ok, thanks. Alex replied.

Alex came accompanied by two older looking guys. Lilly thought they were going to be younger or a least the same age as them, but she was wrong.

-Where here. Guys, this is Lilly Cayle. Alex said as she stuck out her hand for them to shake hands. Lilly this is Dale Garbon and this is Brandon Houle. They both stuck out they're hands to shake hers. Dale Garbon was a tall as Alex with light brown eyes and blackish – brownish straight hair. And Brandon Houle was taller then Alex and Dale and was built with muscles. He had greenish-brownish eyes and had straight dark brown hair.

-Its nice to meet you. Ok, common we don't have much time. Lilly said leading them down the hall way.


After showing the school, Dale asked if it was ok if they could be hang out with her.

-I don t mind, I don t have any friends, except Milou and Rose.

-You only have two friends? That's terrible no one should be left with just two friends. Brandon said with a smile.

At lunch time Lilly went to reserve a place to sit. Milou and Rose arrived but to they're surprise they saw that Lilly was accompanied by three guys they had never seen before.

Milou was taller than Lilly and Rose and she was the oldest out of the three of them. She had blue eyes and long curly black hair. Rose had dirty blond hair and greenish – brownish eyes like Brandon did.

-Lilly who are these guys? Rose asked who thought they were a beautiful sight to her eyes.

-They're new students here. Is it ok with you guys if they hang out with us? She asked them as they nodded. This is Alex Devon, Dale Garbon and Brandon Houle.

After school was done Lilly went home and listened to her music for 5 hours and she went to bed at 10.

The next day Alex, Dale and Brandon took the bus and to there surprise Lilly was in the bus.

-Hey, we didn't know you took this bus. Dale said surprised at what he had just learned.

-Well, you never know who could take the same bus as you. Lilly replied with smile.

-Do you mind if I sit with you? Alex asked with the smile that made her heart melt once again.

-No I don t mind. She replied with a nervous smile.

Once at school Lilly, Alex and Milou went to art class. Dale was going in math class, Brandon in social studies and Rose in French. After art class they went to Lilly's favorite class English.

-Today we will be learning different parts of speech…

At lunch the six of them meet each other at an empty table. Once they got there lunch they started to eat. A girl named Courtney Courtly came over to there table. Courtney is the most popular girl in school. And she's always reminding people that. She was tall and skinny with bright blue eyes and blond hair. Every guy in school would date her. Until this day that is.

-Hey, Lilly do you mind if I sit with you guys? Courtney asked.

-What do you want Courtney? Lilly asked.

-Well, I want to hang out with you kids. Courtney said with the fakest smile plastered on her face.

-Courtney why don't you go bother some one else for a change. Milou said.

-Your not a good kitty today. I don't know how the three of you wound up with these losers like them three when you're better off with me. If you want to know why she has only two friends it's because she's not nice to anybody. Courtney replied.


-You're wrong, she's not like that. She's been nice to us ever since we arrived. You maybe don't see that she's good, but we do. Alex replied with anger.

-If that's how you feel so be it, but you were this close to being popular. Courtney said.

-I don't need to be popular. Alex replied.

-Neither do we! Dale and Brandon replied.

-Fine then be losers, see if I care. Courtney replied aggravated.

The crowd that was around them started to cheer and clap there hands. They had stood up against Courtney.

-You just stood up to Courtney Courtly you guys are unbelievable. I mean no one's ever stood up to her before, not even little kids.

-We're lucky to have friends like you guys. The girls said.

After lunch in there class everybody was talking about what Alex had said to Courtney. After school Lilly, Alex, Dale and Brandon took the bus home. They had exchanged their telephone numbers so when they got home they would talk for hours.

When Lilly went to bed that night, she though about what had happened at lunch time. Lilly though that Alex, Dale and Brandon would have gone with Courtney. They staid with them, instead. Lilly never had someone who stood up for her before, not like that anyway. Never would she have thought that someone would stand up for her, because Milou and Rose didn't want to be on Courtney's black list. She went to bed with a smile on her face that night.