Red Moon

Every time,
Staring at me;
Fierce glare,
Dull shine.

Piercing through my
Never holding back
Its bite.

Follows my every move,
Creeping without a doubt.
Lines my every vision,
Screaming without a sound.

Year by year,
Night by night,
The inexplicable
Uninhibited fright.

I refuse to cower,
I will not look away.
This will not faze me,
Or lead me astray.

But it still haunts
The recesses of my heart.
Its still shadows
In the slinking dawn.

Until there was you...

Shimmering in my sky,
Like a vengeful guardian.
Shielding me with
Your effervescent presence.

Suddenly the scarlet
Is no longer aflame.
Suddenly the fire
No longer calls my name.

It lies eclipsed
By your strong,
Silent reverie.

As you carry me
To serenity,
I bask in the warm

Searching for some
Long-lost siren,
Waiting for our
Chance to come.

Every time,
Now fading away;
Soft glances,
Bright smiles.