A/N: Hello, reader, and welcome to my brand spankin' new story. To those who have read my other stories in the past, do not fret! They are still in progress and I will continue updating them. But I just had to get this new one out. It's been an idea in my head since forever and if I didn't get it down, I'm pretty sure my brain would've exploded. Not a pretty sight, I can tell ya. Anywhoos, like Gifted (one of my other works) this one has a multitude of characters. Being the kind person that I am, I'll save you the trouble of finding out who's who and what's what by posting the character list here, including what kind of powers they have. Hopefully this'll clear anything up. Thanks again for reading and I hope you enjoy! And psst...! I'd love you even more if you reviewed.

The Girls
Edith Ramos: can transform herself into a cat
Sonia Ferrer: can extend her fingernails to amazingly sharp points
Sarah Reid: invisibility
Nikki Harper: flying
Priscilla "Pixie" Wilson: can put humans to sleep
Lily Miller: empathy
Jasmine Hall: self detonation
Katarzyna Iwanowski: animated hair
Jubilee Moore: uses music to create energy

The Guys
Gavin Dering: superhuman strength
Miles Connelly: super speed
Adam Walker: control the earth
Mitch Bianchi: move objects with mind (telekinesis)
Radford "Rad" Allen: control water
Thomas Zuberi: control paper
Wade Reis: telepathic
Ash Prabhu: force fields
Brice Newton: psychometry
Drew Ligaya: mediumship
Ferris King: animation

Normalcy Isn't An Option
Chapter One
Edith: The End?
"I want to tell a story and shape it all the way through to the end."-Conrad Hall

I always liked movies that started with the end and back tracked to the beginning and during the entire course of the film you slowly find out how things came to be. So, why should I start any differently? I guess you can call this "the end", but technicality wise, it was just the end of the first half of our school year. To all those who are familiar with American school systems, that means mid-term exams. And if you aren't familiar with American school systems, well, now you know.

If I remember correctly, it was me, Gavin, Miles, and Sarah. Naturally, Mrs. Lotte had decided to drop us in some remote area of the Amazon, just to throw us off. But after knowing her for about five years, you kinda get used to her surprises.

It was particularly hot that day and in the Amazon, when is it not? We had been walking for about an hour casually talking and wondering when the obstacle would finally show itself, when it happened. The ground shook so violently, it threatened to topple a predominantly old tree right on top of us. Luckily, we regained our senses fast enough to move out of harms way. Well, no, that wouldn't be right. We moved from one immediate danger to another. The trembling would start, then stop, then start up again, like foot steps.

I remember Miles cursing like a sailor, but I didn't really pay him any mind. He was always like that. But I felt for poor Sarah. She was so innocent and pure, the last thing she needed was Miles muttering obscenities in her ear. But he didn't do it on purpose, I understand. He loved Sarah just as much as the rest of us, possibly even more, but now's not the time to get into that.

Anyway, we all stopped short and listened attentively noting that the quakes had now ceased. Knowing Mrs. Lotte and that imaginative mind of hers, we knew to keep our guard up because those shudders hadn't happened randomly. Then of course it appeared to us. By "it" I mean a large metal sphere that was rolling over everything in its path to get to its destination: us. Surprisingly, I didn't panic, at least not yet. I had awoken that morning fully pumped and confident I would pass, and I had yet to fail. Today wouldn't be that day, I vowed to myself. Well, that was before you're faced with a four story mammoth of a ball.

Just before it barreled into us, it stopped, casting a large shadow over our tiny frames. I think Sarah must've gone invisible then because she made a whimper and Miles began to speak words of comfort to the girl. It felt like ages before anything happened. It was just us staring up at it and it staring down at us. If it could stare, I didn't see any "eyes". Then, all of a sudden, it separated into four different parts and we knew what we had to do.

"Split up," Gavin commanded us pointlessly, getting into his commander pose.

And like that we ran. I didn't know what happened to the others until they retold their stories to us later that evening, nor did I care at that point. All I did was pray that the four of us would get our alive. It was a silly thought really. No one had ever died during an exam. Some were injured beyond repair, but none ever died.

I decided to just stop thinking and focus on running because I could feel one of the sphere's quadruplets rolling after me.

But, wait, I think I'm getting ahead of myself.

My annoyingly obnoxious alarm clock began to ring loudly in my ear causing me to jerk out of a rather pleasant dream. 'Course it involved Mitch, but you needn't have to know any of those details. I slammed my hand down onto the clock and smiled lightly as it went silent. The bright green numbers read six forty-five. Right on time, like every morning.

My roommate, Pixie Wilson, was already fully dressed and was applying eye liner around her bright purple eyes. Her real name isn't Pixie of course, what sane parents would ever call their daughter that, it was Priscilla. Everyone had unanimously decided that was too boring for the girl who was usually the most interesting and peculiar one in the room. To match her purple eyes, she had died her hair a bright pink and cut it into a crew cut, which supported her sharp and pointed features. With her five foot stature and her general look over all, she looked exactly like a pixie, hence the name. She adopted the title graciously and preferred it over her original one.

Pixie had the power to cause sleep. It seemed pretty lame, and she admitted that herself, but to me, her roommate, it was a blessing. Before getting Pixie as a roomie, it used to take me forever to get to bed. I'd toss and turn, not being able to relieve myself of my irritating thoughts and worries. They usually involved boys of some sort, particularly Mitch, but as I said before, I'm not going into that. Now, whenever I'm having trouble catching that z's, I just softly call Pixie's name and ask her as sweetly as I can if she could do me the favor. For the first couple of weeks, she didn't have a problem with it. All she had to was wave a hand and I was out, but then my requests came more often and it annoyed her to no end. Now I have to watch when I ask or else I'll find myself sleeping for the next six months. And yeah, six months is a long time.

"Morning, Edith," she greeted me, still facing her mirror.

I grunted something inaudible, but she naturally understood.

She capped her eye liner pencil and faced me. "I'll never get you."

"Likewise," I replied, smirking.

She shrugged and exited our room, her combat boots echoing across the floor.

I stood up and stretched, trying to return the feeling to my numb limbs. Afterwards, I grabbed my toothbrush and headed off to the bathroom. Out in the hall, the scene was buzzing. Students were walking in and out of their rooms, greeting each other with cheerful good mornings, reacquainting themselves with the new day. I tried my best to ignore all attention before I reached my objective. But when you live in a boarding school with atleast two hundred others, it's kinda hard to stay discrete.

"Hey, Edith!" Ash Prabhu called as he zoned in on my disheveled figure. He wrapped an arm across my shoulders and gave me his killer white smile that nearly blinded me. His perfect teeth were easily distinguished from his dark skin.

"What do you want?" I groaned, trying my best to avert his gaze.

"Why would you think such a thing?" he asked, looking hurt. "Can't a guy happily greet one of his best friends? By the way, you have some dried up drool on the side of your face—."

I quickly freed myself from his grasp and ran the rest of the way to the bathroom.

"Edith, I need to copy your math homework, all right?" he yelled after me.

I rolled my eyes as I finally entered through the bathroom doors, taking in the mist that had accumulated after everyone's showers. It was a rather soothing place and I breathed in deeply, slowly composing myself. I closed my eyes and leaned against the tiled wall hoping to find my inner peace. But of course someone else had to interrupt me.

"Hey, Ramos," a sharp voice slurred cutting into my thoughts. "What the hell happened to you?"

I opened my eyes and frowned upon seeing Jubilee Moore with her usual bitchy face looking me up and down. She always did that when she came up to me. Look me up and down, trying to find some flaw that she could pick at. I. Freakin'. Hate. It.

"None of your business," I replied, making my way to a sink. "Screw off."

But of course, she didn't.

She followed my trail and stood behind me as I began to brush at my teeth. "Do you always look this bad in the mornings?" she asked her voice as innocent as possible.

I flipped her the finger as I spat into the sink. She was unfazed.

"Or do you slowly deteriorate over the course of the night?" she continued. "You know, if you begged me long enough and hard enough, I would be happy to share some of my beauty secrets with you. I'm a very cordial person."

I finished up with my teeth and turned around, swerving around her towel clad body, and out the door.

"Don't you ignore me, Ramos!" she called, padding after me.

"Go suck a co—," I almost said before Prof. Gunn walked into the hallway and I immediately shut my mouth. "Good morning, Professor!"

"Morning, Miss Ramos," he greeted me, giving me a knowing look which I returned with an angelic smile. He turned to Jubilee. "Good morning, Miss Moore. I'd advise the two of you to hurry up and get ready. Announcements begin in fifteen minutes."

We nodded together and watched as he turned the corner.

"You bitch; you almost made me get in trouble with him!" I hissed at her.

She rolled her eyes, "Oh, grow up, Ramos. Get your skinny ass all prettied up. You heard what the Prof said." And with that, she entered her room and slammed the door.

I let out a cry of frustration before going back to my room.

That was Jubilee Moore for you. She thought she was all that just because her parents had decided to name her "Jubilee". Oh big whoop. I've seen better. She wasn't even as pretty as she thought she was. In my opinion, (and although I might be a bit bias due to all the torture she puts me through, I think I have a right to feel what I feel) her cheeks were too fat and chubby, her lips were thin and stretch right across her face, and her ass was so huge, it messed with her walking capabilities. But hey, that's just me.

I speed changed that morning, throwing on pieces of clothing at a rate that even Miles would be impressed at (he had super speed, FYI). Combing out the knots in my hair as I slipped on my shoes, I checked the mirror to see if anything was out of place. I decided I was fine and ran out of the room, dragging my book bag with me. The hallways were empty I realized in horror, and I quickly picked up my pace. I hadn't realized till then how long a trip it was from my room to the cafeteria. My inner clock was telling me I'd be late, so instinct took over. I hooked my backpack high onto my back, securing it with a buckle across my chest. In mid step, I turned into a cheetah, speeding through the halls, blowing up loose papers behind me. Gawd help anyone who got in my way. Just as my brief sprint was ending, I reached the cafeteria doors returning to my normal form, a regular old girl, and walked in.

"Always the last one," Jasmine Hall said, scooting over in her seat to give me some room.

I just smiled sweetly at her as I took my spot, grabbing her extra water bottle off her tray and chugging down the entire thing. Running was tiring.