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Normalcy Isn't An Option
Chapter Three
Katarzyna: Full on Attack
"Besides, shame is the master emotion."-Bruce McCulloch

I shifted nervously in my seat as the others took theirs. They all looked very comfortable and relaxed, talking to their friends like that, discussing classes and people that were probably not in the room. I bit my lip, placing my hands beneath my thighs, a habit I had formed over the years. I looked down at the desk I was in and noticed someone had scraped new writing on it. I felt bad for the poor desk. Jubilee plopped down next to me on my left. She had her usual pissed look on her face as if someone had started something with her (when usually it was the other way around).

"Hey, Kat," she said, getting settled.

"Hi," I replied.

For some reason, I was the only girl that Jubilee was nice to. Well, the only freshman girl she was nice too. She tended to drift towards guys and upperclassmen. I figured it was because she liked having power, control, and friends in high places. I could never decipher why Jubilee had chosen me. I was no different from the other girls. Rather, I think, I was a lot plainer than they were. She should've ignored me like she did others she believed to be inferior, but she didn't. I don't know whether to be grateful or not. Being Jubilee's enemy was stressful. Whenever Sonia or one of the other girls got into a fight with her, they always seemed so exhausted afterwards. I couldn't blame them. Jubilee was never one to back down.

After everyone had taken their seats in the large circle facing each other, Mrs. Lotte, our teacher for that period, folded her hands and gave everyone a nice, hard look. It was Peer Counseling and she was the moderator. These classes were usually free periods where we were open to talk about anything. Since Mrs. Lotte had promised us her word of confidentiality, the topics sometimes went down into the dirty and nasty category. Either way, I didn't usually speak that much. I preferred to just listen.

"So," Mrs. Lotte started. "What do we want to discuss today?"

"I want to know who decided on High School Musical for our play this year," Brice piped up, not even raising his hand.

Everyone else in the room moaned. Brice was what one would call, passionate. About the theater anyway. He had the power of psychometry, which simple means he could touch an object and discover its history. He claimed it came in handy when he had to research his roles, but I just think he's being a bit too dramatic.

"Who cares, man?" Wade asked, placing his head into his right hand looking quite gloomy.

"I do!" Brice replied fervently. "You wouldn't understand of course. You don't appreciate the intricateness of the theater. Your incompetence is disgraceful."

Edith rolled her eyes. "Dude, stop using big words. It doesn't make us think you're any smarter."

"Oh," Adam Walker drawled. "Rip." He high fived Thomas Zuberi who was sitting next to him.

"What would you prefer?" Mrs. Lotte asked gently, looking genuinely curious.

Brice seemed to be mulling this question over in his mind, when he finally looked up with an answer. "Grease."

The room was silent for a while before it suddenly erupted in a wave of laughter. I gazed around the room, staring quietly as the rest of my classmates rolled in their seats with delight. I didn't seem to get the joke.

"You're too funny," Adam cried through his happy tears, his head laid against his desk, his energy slipping away.

"I think they did that a couple years back," Sarah said in all seriousness. "But if you really want it, you should ask."

"And I intend to!" Brice said fearlessly, trying to look unfazed by everyone's amusement even though I could tell it was getting to him.

Mrs. Lotte sent a stern look around the room, immediately silencing the ruckus. "I think it's a great idea, Brice. I'm sure if you present your case well, Mrs. Sinfonia might make the change."

"Anything would be better than HSM, I can tell you that now," Lily Miller said, crossing her arms and chewing on her lip piercing.

Everyone agreed with her, nodding and sounding their responses.

"Who'd be Danny?" Ferris King asked.

"Me o' course," Miles replied confidently. "I'm the best lookin' guy here."

"I beg to differ," Edith snorted from her spot across the room.

"Course you'd disagree," Miles retorted, his mouth curling into a grin. His eyes shifted towards Mitch who hadn't noticed, being too busy staring at his nails.

Edith gave him a "don't-you-dare" look, fangs peeking out of her lips and her eyes begun to turn cat-like. Miles returned with a "try-me" look.

I continued to remain soundless knowing after years of experience that you noticed a lot more things when you weren't talking. I stared between Edith, Miles, and Mitch wondering what was going to happen, when Brice's annoying voice pierced through my thoughts.

"No, no, no!" he said, waving his arms. "I'd be Danny. I'm the best actor here. You can be Kenickie."

"You look nothing like Danny!" Ferris pointed out with a pudgy finger. "You'd be a…whatever Frenchy's boyfriend was."

"Gawd, I can't stand this Grease talk," Lily muttered, her heavily shadowed eyes scanned across the room. "Can we please move onto something else?"

I could feel Lily's emotions slipping into mine, mixing with my thoughts, twisting my reality until I couldn't make out which thoughts were mine and which were Lily's.

"Lily Miller," Mrs. Lotte said sternly, overpowering Lily and her powers. I was grateful as I felt myself return.

"Sorry," she replied legitimately, her eyes enlarging with innocence.

"Geez, I hate sitting next to you," Rad mumbled, shuffling his desk a little to the left, creating as much space between him and Lily.

"It isn't my fault," Lily snapped, and all of a sudden I could feel my temper rising as well. Dammit, Lily.

"Rad, shut up!" Jubilee screeched, handling her flute closely, mutely threatening him with her eyes.

"Why are you yelling at Radford?" Gavin Dering shouted from his spot. He stood up suddenly, throwing his desk at the wall, ready to take on Jubilee. "It's obviously Lily who's doing all this!"

"You two sit down!" Mrs. Lotte screamed, seeming to be under Lily's spell as well.

Before I knew it, everyone was on their feet, screaming and yelling at each other. Even me, surprisingly. I couldn't seem to control myself, my actions were not mine. I turned to Nikki, who was usually the bubbliest person in the room, and exchanged a few heated words with her. As our fight escalated, she slowly began to levitate off the ground as her temper rose. I, on the other hand, was getting my hair ready. It was growing at an extreme rate, reaching the carpeted floor in a matter of seconds. It hardened and glistened as it turned into a deadly blade.

"Don't test me, Nikki!" I screamed, swishing my hair around.

Nikki cackled. "I'd like to see you try Iwanowski, or whatever the hell your name is."

With a war cry I went at her, my hair stabbing at her nimble frame. She easily evaded the swings, flying through the air like some deranged bird. As I continued this onslaught, I saw out of the corner of my eye, everyone else within their own battles. Ferris had brought all the desks to life and had ordered an attack on Thomas and Adam, who were returning with flocks of origami birds and dirt from the open window. Wade was taking on Drew, possibly filling Drew's mind with ominous thoughts and scary images because soon Drew was on the ground, squirming with pain. Edith was well into her tiger form, and along side Sonia, whose nails had grown atleast three feet, attempted to double team Miles, who was just too fast for the both of them. Mrs. Lotte was trying to break Mitch and Ash up, but to no such luck for both of them were pretty ruthless with each other.

As Nikki tried to kick me from her height, I dodged quickly sending my hair up in her direction. As I tripped over a bump in the carpet, I fell to the ground and noticed for the first time Jasmine standing alone in the middle of the room. I could see her skin lighting up, her head down, her face determined. Her fists clenched as a hum begun to resonate through the room and it hadn't come from Jubilee's flute.

"Ohmygawd," I whispered as everyone ceased around me.

"She's gonna' blow!" Rad shouted, diving behind a chair for cover.

Everyone screamed as they scrammed away. The humming increased, almost breaking my ear drums, filling my head with pain. I couldn't see, I couldn't think, and I thought then, that I probably wouldn't live through this. I curled up on the floor, waiting for the explosion that was sure to come in a few seconds. And I continued to wait, yet nothing happened. I opened my eyes and saw Jasmine unconscious on the floor, Pixie standing over her triumphantly.

"Wha-What happened?" Nikki asked cautiously, dangling from the light fixture.

"I put her out," Pixie replied sternly, frowning at all of us.

I got up from my spot, thoroughly ashamed at my actions. Obviously, Pixie was the only one among us who had kept her head. It wasn't unexpected. Pixie was a level headed person. She was strong willed and had her bearings about her. Not even Lily's intense powers could change that, and I was grateful. Otherwise, we all would've been crispy and dead.

"Good girl, Priscilla," Mrs. Lotte muttered, looking completely dazed.

Sarah reappeared, revealing herself. She had probably gone invisible once the struggle had started. Smart for her.

A muffled sob came from the corner of the room and we all turned to see who it was. We found Lily crying, her eye liner and mascara running down her tear stained cheeks as she averted our gazes.

Since no one else seemed to be back to reality just yet, Pixie stepped forward and began to comfort the poor girl.

"I'll take her to the nurse," she volunteered, helping Lily up slowly and exiting the room.

The door slammed shut and the air was still and quiet.

"Well, we should get this mess cleaned up," Mrs. Lotte suggested lightly, trying to clear the morbid mood.

No one objected. In silence, we straightened the desks, returned the falling books back to their shelves, removed all debris from the floor, and shut the open windows. We all sat around awkwardly, not really knowing what to do. Thomas took it upon himself to lift the sleeping Jasmine from the floor and prop her against a chair. I sighed loudly. This had never happened before to us. Lily's power was usually under control. A full on brawl was the one thing that was impossible for the freshmen. We were, unanimously considered, one of the closest classes. I had never had a problem with Nikki, or anyone for that matter, but something had happened today and we just began to fight. A chill ran through me and I shivered.

Suddenly the door burst open and Prof. Gunn, Mr. Anderson, Mrs. Pruneau (the secretary), and Ms. Diminuta (the guidance counselor) rushed in. Mrs. Lotte immediately stood up and walked over to them. I watched as they exchanged a few words in a tight knit group, making sure to keep their voices soft and low. I knew that Edith and Wade were listening in, Edith using her cat-like hearing and Wade with his telepathic powers. I was certain they'd fill us in later. In unison, the two gulped and exchanged looks, looks that everyone in the silent class noticed. Adam was about to nudge Wade for an answer when the bell rang and class was over.