As I wonder down the road,

Step by excruciating step,

Towards the latecomer's gate.

My mind wonders to and fro,

Endless excuses spring up,

All common ones.

Her face appears,

Hovering in my imagination,

Big and commanding,

Strict as usual.

Birds chirp, startling me.

A maid watering the plants,

A man driving his wife,

Down the lane.

And a truckful of workers,

Packed like sardines in a lorry,

Staring at me curiously.

A little girl,

In a green, overly large uniform,

All this I would not have witness,

If I had been earlier.

I am all alone,

With my heavy bag.

Bearing down on my little frame.

The side gates had long clanged shut,

The song draws to a close.

And along with it,

my heavy heart.