she dreams of flying,
a dove with broken wings,
she tightens the rope
dreaming of falling
you walk in
she needs you to save her
she needs you like carbon monoxide
she needs you to see her
you, blind, loosen the rope
you protect her
you protect her like a padded white room
she needs you.
she needs everything.
everything she needs is gone.
just out of reach or oceans away
doesn't matter, really.
she aches
you help her
you help her to be like rain-
seemingly beautiful, but only washing away
left in ruins until nothing remains.
dreaming of falling.
you fix her
you fix her with tools,
a sledgehammer
you shatter her heart.
and you tighten the screws
to her screwed up mind
and she tightens the rope
stretching her wings
her wings, healed, if not her heart
and she flies.