your heart can't be that cold.

…i remember when your smile was full,
when you had a love that was deep.

i remember when you proclaimed freedom
and strength but last night i didn't see it.

your eyes were dead.

the eyes i used to think beautiful lost their
life and the heavens are crying for them.

come back, come back, come back…
…the demons are stealing you from us.

fight them, hunny, you've got the strength
search within yourself for a light that was
once there.

…superman's shadow still lingers on you.

in blank eyes, i see who you used to be.
in blank eyes, i see who you could be.

don't give up, there's hope for you.
you've already been set free.
turn back to the hope you had.

hurting is in the past, it has to be.
don't let this pain bring you down.

access the power to overcome death,
i know you can. i know you well enough.

i've walked many miles in your shoes.
you used to be apart of and me.

i know you resent me and will never hear this
i know you'll never care that i write for you.

but i'll pray for you regardless.
one look into blank eyes and i see
what your soul's longing for.

i'm crying out for you.