And calmness sits on a dreary branch
as you think of ways to disappear.

Your words tangle themselves
in the static of the radio
I piece them together
to form another breaking
of my heart.

A dreamboat in the sky
where we sail across
its unfiltered abyss
siphoning stars
avoiding the blackhole depression
and asphyxiating babies
feeling small
under the presence of the moon.

I line your eye with the bitterness
of the past and put a chain
of broken dreams on your neck
Runways over my head
a little too imposing, and the
twinges of hurt in your nuclear eyes
open unfamiliar nerves of aching.

When walking through the poppies, smiling
at the latent air, it strikes me
that you've been an apparition
from another world all along. Maybe
I misunderstood
or maybe you never meant
me to comprehend what
your pain felt like on God's palm.

dizzy dizzy is my world
as I wait to reach you
few words at a time.

We're another shade of dreamers
and perhaps today, the world will
spin slow for us.