Chapter 1: Sweet Talk 101
(Sweet Talk 101 by Cute is What We Aim For)

I turned the lock right and then left and then right, but it wouldn't budge. Maybe it was left then right then left, who the hell knows. Way too early for thinking.

"Trouble?" a voice said from next to me, well aware that it was Cayden.

"I'm good," I replied as my locker finally opened.

I heard a slam from a locker and once again, I knew it was him.

He leaned against his locker which just so happens to be next to mine. I guess it wasn't a coincidence, they were assigned alphabetically. So, Cayden Rhodes did come before Shawna Rivers and it just sucked.

"What?" I asked as his annoying smirk appeared on his face. His jet black hair fell into his blue eyes and for a split second I felt this urge to move they hair out of his face, but that would mean touching him and I think I'd rather throw up.

"Practice at 5."

"Can't, I picked up an extra shift today," I said.

"Ah, I see," he said as I shut my locker and we started down the hall.

"Do you really need me there?" I asked.


"Why? New song?" I questioned.


"Then why?"


"Cayden…" he was starting to aggravate me.


"Seriously, why do you need me there today?"

"Why would I not need you there Shawna?"

"You are unbelievable," I said as we entered our English class. The seats here were also alphabetical so I watched as Cayden coolly slid into his.

"Fine, whatever. I'll let everyone know you can't make it today. We can just fill you in on tomorrow's practice," he said turning to face me.

"Fine," I said sharply.


"Good," I said.

"Great," he responded. Those words were always said when we had a scuffle and didn't know how to end it.

"Hey, sorry I can't quit and drop everything just for you," I stated. I needed my job, and I actually liked it.

"I never said that you had too, but we aren't just gonna reschedule just because you can't make it today," he replied.

"Whatever, that's fine. But I'm sure you would want it rescheduled if you couldn't make it," I asked in a sadistic manor.

"Well, yeah because I am actually in it, aren't I? Unlike you," he replied.


"You know you love my voice though," he said using my weakness against, as always.

"Shhhh, do you mind not saying it too loud?"


I sat down at our lunch table seeing familiar faces.

There was Cody, the much clueless and goofy one, Jed, the smart one, Ryan, the more mysterious one, and Ally the funny one and my best friend who just so happens to be Cody's girlfriend. Oh yeah and there is Cayden of course but no one cares.

"Hey, Shawna," Ally said as I plopped down next to her.

"Hey guys," I replied.

"So we heard you can't make it today," Ryan said.

"Yeah, I'll just catch up tomorrow," I replied.

"Well if it isn't beauty and the beast," Shear said strutting up to our table and motioning towards me and Cayden. Shear is the typical popular blonde cheerleader. She's pathetically in love with Cayden. She's way below him, and keep in mind I'm talking about him here.

"Well, if it isn't Shear the bear," I stated, lame I know, but that's all I can ever think of.

"Clever, clever. So, Cay, are you going to be free later?" She purred.

"No!" He replied quickly.

"We've got practice." Cayden said trying to cover up his impatient NO.

"Oh well, can I come and watch? Oh wait that's going to be there, forget it." She said referring to me.

"No, she's not," unfortunately said Cody, earning a smack in the head from Ally.

"Whoops!" he muttered quietly.

"Oh really, great so when's practice?" Shear said leaning into Cayden and putting his arm around his shoulder so that she was practically on his lap.

"Uh, I don't really know," Cay lied.

"Fine, when you find out you let me know 'kay?" She asked getting and pulling her skin tight shirt down a little.

"Sure thing," he replied as she walked away with her clones following after her.

"Cody what the hell?" Jed exclaimed.

"I know, I know, I'm sorry."

"Ha-ha, good luck fighting off that one. I'm out, bye!" I quickly said gathering my stuff and heading towards the doors.

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