How do you describe

This phenomena?

Dunno whether it was just an act

Or the real luster revealed.

You'd think it was my imagination.

Frustrating and yet a thrill

Courses through my veins.

Today's the first day we've

Really interacted.

Usually I just stayed outta his way.

Casual, light-hearted convos

Carried on through the age.

But that fateful day of nervs,

Trials and frustration,

Seemed to change my perception.

Is he as separate as I pictured?

Must he wring my mind dry?

Did he really notice me, notice me,

Even before I noticed him?

Maybe, but you know me.

And then he seemed so mature,

Makes me wanna scream aloud.

Has this happened before,

Or is he an actor, like us all?

Just so frustrating…

I feel a need to delve into the point,

Both a challenge and a mystery I now perceive.

And what did he mean, the last I heard of him?

I just wish my brain would

Stop this swirling.

Carefree, aloof, outside,

Noticing, liking what he sees,

Knowing the whole time what I felt,

Or just a happy, gentle soul?

How will I ever know?

This is one of the

Most complicated hormonal floods

I've had since forever.

Complicated by uncertainty,

What Is Real?