Caitlin grabbed the sides of the medium sized chest, it was heavier than it looked, and placed it on the bed next to the desk to open it. The first thing she came across after she opened it was a short letter.

Caitlin, when you read this it must mean that I am 'dead'. This chest contains all of the letters you've ever sent to me. The reason I have not had time to answer them all is because I have been busy in the past couple of months. You will understand soon enough.

Also, make sure you read the note at the bottom and only read it to yourself.

Thereon Vander

All the while she read the note, she was crying silently to herself.

When she went home later, after thanking Margaret, she dug to the bottom of the letters and found the one she was looking for.

Caitlin, like I said before I hope you are reading this alone. It is important that you understand my current situation. Forgive me if any of this sounds confusing at first but you will understand later.

At the moment I believe I am presumed dead by my former wife Margaret. Therefore let me tell you that I am not dead. In reality I am, indeed, alive. This may come as a shock to you so I shall continue to explain.

Do you remember the time during Lily's King of Hearts party where you told Mira your "theory" about the two of us both secretly crushing on each other? Well, it turns out that after I married Margaret, I realized that I still actually DID have feelings for Mira. But, I continued on as normal for a while. Occasionally, I would try to get her mad at me enough maybe even to get a divorce but no matter how much she said she hated me and my cynicism she refused.

It wasn't until a couple months after our marriage that I discovered she was having an affair. I didn't talk to her very much and I believe she had a feeling I knew about it because she never bothered asking what was wrong.

Seeing as our relationship was going nowhere, I decided to call Mira and tell her how I really felt after all this time.

In response, she helped me to create a plan in order to get out of the marriage. Now I know what you're thinking. What about Margaret? I know it wasn't the best thing to do but according to one of my sources, she was planning on having me murdered sometime during the year. I suppose that would also explain the early will. It was, as she claimed it, a good idea because of my heart condition. Anyway, I didn't feel like sticking around to find out, so I decided to enlist some help and fake my death. In the will, I left her enough money so she would leave everyone else alone. I just hope she feels some remorse, but you can tell me how she reacted when you stop by.


PS: the address is in the last letter you wrote.