Author's Note: This was a bit of an experiment in working alternating bits of poetry and narrative to tell a story. At the same time I'd also originally intended this to be a bit of a teaser lead-in for another story idea I had. At this point in time, however, I don't plan on writing that story. Fortunately this short piece still works well on it's own.

Somewhere down the line I plan on writing another story in this style, but expanding upon it even more as well. We'll see how that goes when it happens.

In his hands he holds the past,

Her love for him, he knows will last.

A future together, a love eternal and to never be separated. It is what they both desired the most. The hopes they both held strongly in their hearts.

To never be lonely, to never be sad, to always be happy in each other's arms. They hoped to always be there for each other, to be able to support each other through the trials of life. He never wanted to leave her side, and she never wanted to leave his. Yet both knew deep down that a love as perfect as theirs could never be forever.

In her hands she holds the past,

She feels their time together, passing much too fast.

A future together is what they desire, yet they know it could never be. One day he would leave, leaving her heartbroken and lonely once more. A fragile soul, smashed against the floor, never to be whole again.

In his head, doubts grow and flourish. Is this reality? Is this a dream? Contradicting memories clash in his head, an eternally raging battle, of which there can only be two victims.

In his hands he holds the present,

A promise of days and nights, spent so pleasant.

For now though, they ignore their fears, their doubts, and focus on the now. For now, they are together. For now, they are in each other's embrace. For now, their love for each other knows no bounds. For now, they can be happy.

Like a river flowing always onwards, so does their time together flow. Their times together seem ever too short, their time apart an eternity. They know their time together is short, and make the most of every moment.

In her hands she holds the present,

Their time together, too soon spent.

Always their time together is overshadowed by the knowledge of what's to come. Like storm clouds, brewing on the horizon, they know that the end will soon reach them, and their world come crashing down. One flash of lightning, and it could all be over. A rumble of thunder, and they could be torn apart. In the wind of the storm, they could be blown away, never to hold each other's hands again.

Rough waves, crashing against the rocks, breaking them apart. The water rushing along the beach, dragging him away from her. Just like that, and it could all be over. A day she hoped would never come, yet always those storm clouds were on the horizon, slowly gathering strength, and coming closer, always closer.

In his hands he holds the future,

Her deepest desires, he does nurture.

He knew the day was soon. He couldn't stay this way. Was this reality? Was it all in his head? He needed to know, or he could never go on, could never be in peace, and could never be with her. The waves splashed against him, pulling him slowly away.

She knew the day was soon. She could feel the changes within him. He was silent, he seemed further away. She was scared. He was going too leave, and there was nothing she could do. Overhead lightning flashed and thunder roared. When she was alone, tears flowed from her like raging rivers.

In her hands she holds the future,

His destiny scares her, his eventual departure.

The day had come, the last goodbye, the hardest of them all. He looked at her, she looked at him, neither knowing where to start, even if they knew what words to say. Words couldn't express how they both felt, how they knew the other felt.

She wished she could come with him, and he wished she could to, but they knew it was impossible. He could only do this on his own. Between them the wind blew savagely. Soon they would be blown apart, it was useless to resist. But for now, for one last time, they could be together, and pretend all was as it should be.

In their hands they hold each other,

They knew they could never be with another.

In their hands, they hold each other near,

Their love would remain, ever so dear.