Still So Far to Go

I think I understand now, what you meant by "losing sight"
I'm sinking in the clouds now, and losing my own fight
"The poor don't have time to question their philosophical stance"
I might once have said that in some poverty driven romance

But I was wrong about the poor
They've all the time and then some more
So little hope but so much time
I've never known but know no time of my own
Just rhyme when I'm alone

Entertainment's the enemy
With such a painful remedy
Boredom breeds humanity
Just send me home some sanity
I just want to survive
And oh so little more

I think I understand now, what you meant by "else as self"
I've toured my own emotions and alone I've rarely felt
"In silence, lies my mental health"
I always did ignore my social wealth

And I know this isn't good
And I might not feel things when I should
A testament to what's not understood?
Maybe I should ponder what I would

Sad and lonely
Depressed the only profundity to know me
is the lack of something that moves so slowly
A hollowness so cold and controlling it makes me sick
Just growing more dispassionate

I think I understand now, what you meant by "growing up"
I've looked back into my past at so much not far enough
"I've always known what I'm made of"
I've only known what it is to –and isn't to– live on love