A/N: I'm not saying this is the best story, but it is one in progress and has been for an year. This is the fourth time I have rewritten it so hopefully now it's not so confusing. Aurora Tilar

Chapter One:

Jayden pulled into the parking lot of a not so busy McDonalds and parked next to Leah's brand new black Mercury. Leah got out with big white framed sunglasses on, even if it was too early for the sun to be at its brightest.

"Let's go!" Leah ordered and walked towards the double door entrance. Only a few people were in there. A group of guys huddled one table while two other girls, Kemberlie Toy and Serese Pebbles, were flirting at another across from them.

Jayden eyed Serese suspiciously. She was going out with one of Jayden's best friends, Arik Morgans. She better watch what she was doing.

Jayden and Leah walked to the counter and placed their orders. They were both given a medium size cup. Jayden walked over to the soda fountain and poured Cheer wine into her cup. Cheer wine was like an addicting drug; it was just absolutely the best beverage ever. She turned to walk back to the table when suddenly something made Jayden stop. A weird feeling crept upon her that made the hair on the back of her neck stand straight up. Everything went silent and felt like nothing was moving, slow-movement. A male about Jayden's age stood out in the corner.

Strange she thought.

He had shaggy dirty blond hair and those periwinkle eyes stood out against his pearly white smile. His eyes stared out at her, reading every pore. She didn't look away. There was something familiar, yet, strange about him.

Jayden broke the trance and headed over to the table Leah picked. Leah must have read Jayden's facial expression.

"Hello, earth to Jayden, you here?" Leah asked waving a hand, with her drink, in front of Jayden's face. Jayden turned to look at Leah, managing a meaningful nod.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Hey, Leah, does that boy over there staring at us remind you of some one?" Jayden asked curious, knowing she knew him from somewhere.

"That's Elliot Manor. He's a junior like us. He's been here since Kindergarten. I'm surprised you don't recognize him." The girl said in a skeptical voice. Jayden ignored the tone and stood up. She didn't know how she knew it, but she knew the pretty little cashier lady was going to call their number.

Sixth sense she guessed.

"264!" the cashier lady yelled, right on time. Jayden grabbed the red tray and slowly walked back over to the table. She noticed the Kemberlie and Serese were irritated by the boys, standing up; they turned around and left through the back doors. The boys were hollering and whistling as they walked out.

Jayden simply ignored them. They were immature.

Jayden sat the tray down in the middle of the table. Leah grabbed one hamburger and tore off the paper, taking a huge bite out She chewed like it was heaven. As for Jayden, she nibbled at her burger and took a sip of soda.

"I have a possible theor-" Jayden stopped because Elliot walked passed their table. She shivered all over and the hair on her arms stood up. Leah stared at Jayden, her eye brows raised.

"You alright? Looks like something scared the hell out of you." Leah unwrapped her other burger and dumped her fries onto the tray. "Any ways, what were you saying?" She grabbed a french fry and popped it into her mouth. Jayden watched her chew like it was the life.

"Yeah I'm dandy. Uhmm, I was saying I had a theory, but I forgot." Jayden lied. Leah and she never lied to each other. Whatever was on their mind, they said it to each other. Plain and simple.

"Oh, theories about what?" she asked now curious.

"Never mind. I thought I did, but I don't. I think I was thinking out loud," Jayden replied back and quickly shoved some fries into her mouth. Leah shrugged.

"Conners. McAnn," Mack and his gang of weirdo's walked over. Jayden groaned annoyed.

"What do you want Mack?" Jayden asked, rather irritated.

"Oh, nothing." Mitch quickly pitched in. Mack looked back at him and gave Mitch a dirty look.

"Hmm too bad. See you later." Jayden jumped up grabbing her stuff and Leah stumbled out behind her. She wasn't done eating and Jayden knew it, but Leah wasn't complaining, for the sake of Jayden.

"What was that all about?" Leah asked confused, finishing her half done hamburger. Jayden looked at her and Leah must have read her mind because Leah went quiet.

Jayden pulled into her driveway and pushed the two car garage door opener button.

Once again she would walk into a deserted empty house. She was used to it by now.

She walked up the stairs leading to her bedroom.

Jayden walked towards her dresser and started to peel her hoodie off of her. A pain in her neck burned. It was almost unbearable.

She managed to tear the sweat shirt off. Jayden walked over to her full size mirror and looked at the curve of her neck. The same mark that Leah had on her neck was on her neck too.

Shocked, Jayden stumbled backwards, awfully confused.

"What's going on here?" She screamed, not making notice of her scream. It echoed through the empty house. She turned around and got into bed.

Jayden was shaking from head to toe.

She curled up and hugged her knees. The dream started to replay in her head.

"Jayden!" A female screamed, her eyes searching back and fourth watching as blood sprayed the side of the warehouse. She saw the hungry twinkle in Cole's eyes.

A man held Jayden in his arms, protecting her. Thinking his thought's through thoroughly, he swiped the hair away from the left side of her neck and gently grazed his lips over the grove of her neck. Not waiting another second, his mouth parted and he bit.

Jayden struggled, tears streaming down her face. Her eyes squinted opened, but all she saw was those dark periwinkle eyes. She knew something bad was about to happen. Another scream deafened her ears.

"You leave her alone!" A male's voice growled low. Jayden felt the man lay her down, standing over her, protecting her.

Her eyes lay closed as she listened to the blood curling screams. She had to pretend she was dead so they wouldn't actually kill her. They'd think she was useless and leave her be.

She doesn't even remember how she ended up here in this place. All she could recall were those periwinkle blue eyes she stared into. Fiery stones that scald her like 200° degree water. Was this even real? It must be a dream, but then why did her agonizing pain feel so real?

She could hear them feeding on people. It sounded so bad that she wanted to gag, but she had to remain still. There was a bad burning sensation on the left side of her neck. It brought more drowning tears to her eyes, but she couldn't move or they'd find out...

"Jayden..." A soft whisper breezed in through the barely cracked screened window. Jayden opened her dark gray eyes to the sound of her name and stared at her familiar bright orange room. Her whole body felt so heavy and sore to where it hurt for her to even lift herself off the bed, but she managed to sit up and take a look around. No one was in her room, but her. Who whispered her name? She knew that she wasn't hallucinating; or was she?

Jayden groaned and slid out of bed without even worrying about straightening the sheets. Her multi-colored orange covers were twisted half way off the bed and covered the cherry wood floor. Still drowsy, she managed to walk over to her mirrored door closet and pulled out a pair of blue jeans and a plain maroon hoodie. Her long tangled up curly bee honey blonde hair cascade down her back.

Jayden stared at her boring reflection in the mirror. Her pale white skin and the dark circles under her eyes. A honk sounded outside the house making her jump.

"Who could that be? Especially this early in the morning," she mumbled surprised and quite annoyed. She glanced at the digital clock that read nine thirty.

She hurried down stairs and stumbled on the last step to the front door. Standing outside in his black Plymouth was Cole Gnade.

Jayden blinked rather confused.

"Cole? What are you doing here?" Jayden asked rather baffled. She didn't like him or his stubborn girlfriend. Cole lifted his arms up in the air.

"You tell me, babe." He started to strut towards her, licking his full lips. Jayden's eyes widened.

"What do you mean by 'you tell me'? Also I'm not 'babe'," she scorchingly remarked. Cole shook his head of brown hair.

"Of course...you're all mine and now no one can stop me!" Cole yelled and lunged towards her. Jayden stared wide eyed.

"Damn it!" A mysterious man yelled as he appeared and cradled Jayden. Jayden didn't even have time to scream or think for an reaction; she was too shocked. She felt like she was floating, floating on a white fluffy cloud on a cloudy normal day. Jayden knew that this was a dream, she would wake up in a second and start the day by meeting her best friend at the mall.

"Are you alright?" A low pitch voice asked, keeping his voice down. Jayden managed a weak nod. Her rescuer placed her on the ground and before Jayden could turn around to get a good look, he disappeared.

"What the?" Jayden said out loud to thin air. She turned in a complete circle in her driveway.

Jayden squeezed her eyes shut. She didn't want to remind herself of it. She wanted to believe that there wasn't a possibility of her being a blood sucking vampire. She had read all of the myths. They're not real, but maybe if she actually believed she would know the truth. Well, that wasn't working out for her.

What would Leah do if she found out that she was a vampire? Jayden shudder knowing for a fact that Leah was and probably herself as well. Apparently they were bitten at the same time, in the same dream. Yet, how was that to be true? How was she in Leah's dream if Leah wasn't in hers?

Jayden could hear the wind howl out side as the storm started to pick up. She heard thunder and it shook the house, taking a couple of reassuring deep breaths to calm her self down.

Jayden slowly crawled out of the bed and walked over to the mirror. Her complexion was worse and now she was snow white. Her eyes were smokey gray and black bags surrounded her eyes making her look like a savaged raccoon.

Jayden's phone started to vibrate on the oak dresser. She ignored it and walked towards the bedroom door.

She stopped.

The same feeling Jayden felt in McDonalds came back. Jayden turned around and there, the same pair of eyes stared at her. She leaned against the closed door and slid down it to where she sat on the floor. Her eyes paced the room as the curtains flutter in the storm's wind. Maybe she was becoming loony. Who knows in this world.

Jayden closed her eyes.

She reopened her eyes. She didn't know how long she had them shut, her eyes shut to all the problems out in the world. She stiffly stood up and stretched, slightly crying out in pain by the soreness and pressure on her whole body.

Running outside in what she was wearing this morning minus her hoodie, she stood wet and sticky outside. The air smelt like wet grass and rain with the mixture of the roses planted in her front yard and the mother of all trees: Jayden's Cherry Blossom tree.

Forgetting shoes, Jayden ran down a familiar path towards the family pond down in the woods. She knew she needed to go there, but what for? What was she going to accomplish? Right now she wasn't sure of anything. Was she going just because she had a feeling? Jayden shook her head to focus. She was almost there as the sun started to set.

As she expected there was nothing in the clearing. Just the beauty of the man hand made pond with over grown wild flowers making a barrage of colors. Jayden slowed down to a slow jog and then stopped. She peered around cautiously before closing her eyes to earlier this morning. Cole came by unsuspected and then she was rescued by some mysterious person. She anxiously wanted to know who he was.

The girl needed to see her rescuer.

No, first Jayden wanted to get matters straight with Cole. She wanted to know what the hell his problem was. Did she make him mad or led him on for something?

On the other hand there was Elliot Manor. When she saw him at McDonalds, she had a weird vibe on him and his eyes, they were that dark magnificent periwinkle color that she saw. She shook her head and opened her eyes. She felt a presence and soon to know, she wasn't alone after all.

Blinking her eyes to make sure she was seeing right; Leah and Elliot were both staring at her, their eyes soft but full of answers that Jayden desperately wanted to know.

Jayden opened her mouth to speak.

"Leah? Eli?" Jayden asked confused and she searched their facial expressions for hints. Leah was staring at the ground, Jayden noticed automatically.

"Jay, you're a vampire..." Leah suddenly burst, not regarding any feelings. She was so scared to hear her best friend's reaction. Jayden was curious and choked out a laugh. Elliot and Leah both looked in Jayden's direction funny.

"I knew that already. I figured it this morning, well, about you that is. But I want to know why you didn't tell me? Instead you made me believe that you were in trouble. Real trouble," Jayden retorted. Leah's mouth was gaped.

"What? How did you figure out?" Leah asked bewildered. "All I did was try to protect you!" Before anything more happened, Leah vanished into thin air and all Jayden heard last was Leah's muffled cry. Jayden stared at Leah's spot and Elliot watched her. His eyes burning her to stare into them.

"It wasn't exactly her fault. You know how she was hanging out with Torien while you were on vacation. Torien tricked her to the feeding. She never meant to hurt you Jayden," he said as a matter of factly. Jayden took a deep breath and let it out before she answered.

"I know that. We never lie to each other and she made a big mistake to lying to me about this. I'm still pissed because I don't even know who turned me or why they turned me, Eli," Jayden went on. She walked closer to Elliot and stopped.

Elliot half smiled.

"It's Elliot now. I went by Eli in middle school. The answer to your question is," he stopped. "It was me that turned you. You were being hunted and all I was trying to do was protect you. The other vampires decided to go on a hunting rampage. I almost lost you so I did the first thing on my mind..." he stopped and looked at Jayden to see her reaction, except he didn't get any. She was standing there frozen in time. Her eyes were desperately searching his. She was about to go crazy when her better sense took over.

"If you knew better, you would leave this very second and stay-out-of-my-life," Jayden threatened, her voice slow and cold. Elliot sighed, not annoyed but in understanding. He simply had to wait for the new information to sink and soak in.

Without another word to exchange, Elliot turned around and sprinted to the opposite side of the woods. When Jayden knew for certain he was gone, she broke down. She waited for moisture to hit her eyes, but nothing. Nothing of sorts happened. Just her sitting there in everyone's pity, alone. She hated it.

Jayden's school alarm clock went off about six o'clock. She grumbled, tired, and smacked the loud ringing noise to the floor. Realizing where she was at, she suddenly jerked up in a sitting position. She was confused on how she ended up in her bed. She looked around, but her room was the way she left it when she last saw it.

Today, at school was going to be miserable. She could always skip, but then would be pointless. She got up even though she felt down in the dumps. She changed her panties and bra. Walking to her closet, she pulled down a black pair of jeans and a red undershirt. She walked into the bathroom across from her room and stared at her self. She had a bronze tan coming onto her, not what she expected. She reached under the sink and pulled out her little green case of make up. She tried a little blush and some eye shadow. After that she dabbed on eye liner and curled her eye lashes with mascara. Getting it to the best she could she zipped the bag up and got her tooth brush out to brush her teeth.

Jayden slipped on her black and orange Etnies and ran out the garage door. She didn't have time for breakfast nor was she really hungry. Getting to school was no problem, but seeing everyone was going to drive her completely crazy; even if they didn't have a clue.

Jayden pulled into the school's deserted, ratherly large parking lot and picked a spot. She turned her Envoy off and just sat there. She rolled her windows down and noticed only a few people were there already.

"Hey..." A female's voice sounded.

Jayden knew who it was.

"Hi, get in. I know you want too," Jayden replied without even looking at Leah. Jayden heard the passenger's door open and then slam shut.

"Jay, I'm sorry," she said sincere. Jayden turned her head and faced Leah. She looked truly sad and sorry.

"I know you are. It's just--" Jayden paused to collect what she was going to say. "I don't know why you wouldn't tell me yourself that you were a vampire instead of making me believe something bad happened," Jayden pointed out sadly.

Leah opened her mouth.

"I could say the same for you. If you knew you were one already and you knew the dream was actually reality, why did you hide the fact that you knew?" Jayden tried to process what Leah just said, but Jayden wasn't paying any mind to her. Leah was shooting out things, trying to make it Jayden's fault.

"Leah, save it and why do you keep saying for me to admit it when you're the one telling me that I was definitely in it. No, I had no idea I was there. Honestly, I thought it was just a plain and simple night mare. The theories I was going to tell you? I didn't say anything because I didn't have enough proof. Otherwise I would have told you and not lied about them. So other then the theories, I didn't lie to you," Jayden fired back as defense. She knew she was being harsh, but if Jayden wanted Leah to know the truth, she had to give it to Leah.

More students started to pull into the parking lot. Jayden rolled the windows up and got out angry. She locked the truck and headed for the school. Jayden knew it was mean to leave Leah back there staring at Jayden's back bewildered, but until she realizes what she's done, Jayden was quite through with her.

Jayden headed for her first class. Biology II. Not the most exciting class ever. Luckily today she had a substitute and the class was watching a movie. She had her spiral notebook, out, and opened in front of her. She didn't know why it was open. They didn't have to take notes or anything because it was a fun movie. In her teachers point of view and quotes 'fun movie'.

Jayden felt something move and her note book suddenly disappeared. Her head automatically jerked up. Everyone was paying attention to the movie. She looked over at Leah whose head was bent down as she was writing something. Jayden should have known it was her.

Jayden tapped lightly on the lab's table and waited patiently for her notebook to return in her hands. After ten minutes, it was thrown back to Jayden. She looked at Leah who quickly turned her head around and focused on the movie. Jayden glanced down at the note Leah chicken-scratched.


I am sooo sorry. What don't you get? I realize that it wasn't your fault for not telling me. Shoot, for all I could have known, you probably didn't take anything by the feeding. Just thinking it was a nightmare or something like you said. I don't want us fighting. I want to fight this situation together. I know you're pissed at me at the moment. I can tell because of your eyes and your facial expression when you look at me. Jayden, please talk to me or at least write back. I really am sorry.

Love always, Leah

Jayden sighed, a sign of giving in. Maybe Leah was right. Jayden does need her. Her help through this thing. Jayden picked up her pencil and started to write Leah back.


Like I told you in my truck, I know you're sorry. Maybe I'm being hard headed, but I didn't exactly lie to you either. And yes I am still pissed at you. You are right on that part. You're also right on another thing. I do need your help. We need each other. I have a weird feeling that things are going to get worse from now on. So we need to be each other's back. Peace, Jayden

Jayden folded the note book paper long ways so no one could read what it said. The lights flipped on as the bell rang. She gathered her things and waited for Leah to catch up. Leah closed the note book and walked towards Jayden handing it back.

"You're right. I say for now we push our personal issues out of the way and concentrate on our other problem," she answered in agreement. Jayden nodded in approval. Now they were thinking on the same page.

"Hey Jayden!" Some one whistled as she entered the hall. Jayden stopped and turned around. It was one of the guys that were at McDonalds the night before. She looked at Leah confused.

"Hey, uh Mitch?" Jayden asked more than said. She knew him very well, but she really didn't hang around him much and didn't care too. He usually hung around Mack and that is why Jayden usually ignores the rest of them.

"Hey, what's going on?" he asked.

Jayden shrugged with irritation.

"Not much. Please tell me you're not planning on asking what my cup size is? Because if you are, that's an old trick and you do it every single day," Jayden promised, winking. Mitch lifted his arms up in the air and smiled.

"The guys wanted me to ask what cup size you are and I don't really care on my side," he replied with the widest grin she had ever seen. She didn't find him funny and neither did Leah. Jayden lifted her hand and hit him on the head before she and Leah stalked off. He stood there stunned and his friends started to laugh at him.

"Nice one. What a creep," Leah bounced. Jayden nodded and wiped her pounding hand on her thigh. They were headed to Literature III (H), an honors advance class that only a few could get into.

They walked in and he looked at her, but she wouldn't look at him.

Jayden took her seat in the back by the window. Leah followed her. Some way and some how he will disappear. She wanted him to go away badly. He was the one who turned her this way first of all. Did he think she was going to forgive him after all of this? It's not even her eighteenth birthday yet and she was stuck as a vampire at seventeen.

"Alright class. I've assigned you to a partner and a certain chapter. I want you to grab a TwiLight book by Stephenie Meyer and view over the assigned chapters." Mr. Baters took a piece of paper with names on it and taped it to the chalk board. Chairs were pushed back and some made their way up to the board.

Jayden looked at Leah and they both stood up. Making sure they weren't by him, they walked the long way to the board. When it was their turn to look, she skimmed it.

Haddie Colbert - Tye Nickles: Chapter Sixteen- Seventeen

Rosetta Norms - Brette Tiymman: Chapter Twenty Three- Twenty Four

Jayden Conners - Elliot Manor: Chapter Three- Four

Kathryn Miyers - Goey Sommers: Chapter Eight- Nine

Leah McAnns - Mitch Taylors: Chapter Fourteen- Fifthteen

JoAnn Meaks - Jon Matthew: Chapter Nine Teen- Twenty

Audrey Brown - Mykecole Nooks: Chapter Six- Seven

Kemberlie Toy, Serese Pebbles, - Arik Morgans : Chapter Ten- Eleven

Jayden's hand froze on her name. Leah saw the fear in her face and glanced over at Elliot. She gently pulled Jaydens' hand off the board and pulled her back.

"Jay, take a deep breath and breathe. It could have been worse. At least you're not with perverted Mitch. Hey, for all we know, it could turn out for the best," Leah encouraged, a little too much. Jayden noted and could only nod in agreement. She wanted to believe Leah.

"I'll work with him if it meant good grades for school. Other wise he could jack off for all I care," Jayden remarked, not meaning too. There she goes again talking out loud when she was thinking.

"Everyone with their partners now! After you reviewed your assigned chapter, I want a five page essay about it. Due in two weeks from now." Everyone groaned knowing there was going to be a catch. From the corner of Jayden's eye she saw Elliot looking at her, waiting. She slowly walked over to him.

"Looks like we get to review a vampire story," she said sarcastically. He grinned. She guessed he found her amusing. She took a seat in the desk across from him.

"If I might say so myself, TwiLight is the best book I've ever read. Well, on the topic of vampires. Nothing can beat real live vampires though," he responded back happily. She smiled at his response. She didn't even know why she smiled. It just sort of happened.

"Since we've both read the book, I want answers."

Elliot folded his arms and leaned back.

"Shoot. I'll answer what I can," he replied back ready. Jayden rolled her eyes and smirked.

"So now that I'm supposedly a vampire, what do I do?" Jayden crossed her arms and smiled.

Elliot seemed to lighten up. She guessed he wasn't expecting a question like that. He was probably thinking she would ask 'why me'. She knew why he chose her or why everyone chose her. They all said she looked and smelled delicious and that they wanted a taste of her. Mostly it was guys who asked that question and frighten to mention a few girls here and there said the same thing; which freaked Jayden out incredibly, making her faint.

"Ah, interesting question, live life. You may not have the same priority as you did before or the same...things, but I could show you some pretty interesting tricks, since I did create your new life to immortality." He explained, leaning closer to Jayden. She didn't even want to be around him much less talk to him. Now he's asking if she wanted him to show her the life of a vampire. She could refuse and tell him she wasn't interested or be a coward and let the weak side of her win. Stupid hormones she muttered in her brain. She knew she would give in. Her womanly part was being drawn in by his attractiveness.

"I guess. I mean what could there all be to being a vampire?" Jayden tilted her head to the side, waiting.

Elliot shrugged and sighed bored. Not with her, but with the class. He wish he could talk about this else where, where no one could listen in on their conversation. His main concern was Cole.

"There's much to being a vampire. Feeding and resisting human blood. Those are big ones." He tapped the desk. Blood. That's suppose to be the main part to a vampires feeding.

"So, if you're a good vampire like Edward Cullen, you would eat bears or something? Well, technically what made me mad was in the second book, New Moon, Edward left Bella because he thought he was bad for her. Bologna. He was just experiencing human characteristics called hormones." Elliot laughed at Jayden's theory. She guess it was sort of funny.

"I guess that could be an example. Besides the leaving part. He did come back, you to remember that," he responded, tapping his head lightly.

"Only because Alice decided to come back and visit. Then Jacob interfered messing matters up. The only reason Edward lived was because Bella flew to Italy. Which made situations worse," she aimed back defensively.

"Alright. You win. Edward did a wrong deed and he paid for it." Elliot smiled. Thinking of Edward made Jayden wonder.

"Well, in TwiLight, they had certain powers. Like Edward, he could read minds and Alice could see into the future. Jasper could control emotions. None of them could go out in the sun either because they would sparkle. Do we have any of those traits? Not to mention they were super fast."

"Mind reading, possibly. See into the future and shimmering in the sun, no."

"What about running and jumping?" She crossed her legs.

"I believe we can run fast, but for jumping I don't really care for. What do I want to jump on?" He asked serious.

Her eyes pointed to the ceiling thinking.

"I don't know. A trampoline?"

Elliot laughed out loud.

"Miss. Conners and Mr. Manor, what do you find so funny?" Mr. Baters asked behind Elliot, his arms crossed. Jayden tried not to smile, but looking at Elliot made her giggle. He was looking so innocent and polite.

"Uh nothing. We were er, just discussing chapter three sir," Elliot quickly said. Mr. Baters raise an eye brow showing us he wasn't dumb.

"Get to work you two," he muttered. Jayden giggled worse. Mr. Baters looked back at her again, his eyes sharp and she stopped.

"That was close," Jayden whispered when Mr. Baters was out of ear range. Elliot raise his hands up.

"Hey, I had to think of something up. Good thing I'm a fast thinker," he bragged. Jayden shook her head.

"You're unbelievable."

"Why? Because I can actually have a decent conversation with you? What happened to trying to avoid me?" He asked challenging her. Jayden looked down at her hands.

"My weak side gave in. I think I was wrong about you, but don't think that I will forgive you on what you did to me." Jayden confessed, knowing that is how she really felt. She was confused as well, so many emotions swirled through her.

Elliot grinned proudly.

"So is that why you wanted to avoid and hate me for so badly?" She wouldn't look at him, knowing it was the honest truth. Before anyone knew it, the bell rang. Jayden jumped up and ran over to Leah, leaving Elliot there to ponder in thinking. She hated to be next to him so much and yet, she loved to be talking to him, him being close and watching over her; as if he was her protector or guardian angel.

"Looks like you and Elliot were getting along pretty well. I saw you laughing several times and you both got in trouble by Mr. Baters. Unlike my partner, he kept trying to hit on me. He's one lucky son of a gun that I didn't whack him up side the head," Leah complained, a hint of exaggeration.

"Hmm, yes. It's physical education time and then finally lunch!" Jayden practically yelled. She was starving from last night since she didn't eat much at McDonalds yesterday morning.

For some odd reason, she didn't notice him as they were walking. He stood there. Licking his lips. Almost like he could taste some body. Jayden