Chapter Twenty:

"What the hell is your problem?" Mitch growled heading towards Elliot. Jayden tried yelling at Mitch to stop it, but she was mute, nothing would come out. Elliot was inches away from Mitch's face. They were at Jayden's house and Jayden stood there confused.

"You, that's what," Elliot shot back. His eyes narrowed and he was ready to attack.

"How am I your problem? You're the one to screw up, not me. Unlike you I don't lie," Mitch replied back coolly. Jayden went to hit Mitch, but she fell right through him. Jayden stared at her hands, her eyes going back and fourth. Mitch's fist curled and tensed as he clenched them.

"She loves me, not you," Elliot hissed back. Jayden turned to look at Elliot. His eyes showed his love. Jayden bit her knuckle.

"She may love you, but that doesn't mean I don't have a chance." Mitch's facial was awestruck and he was determined to not give up. "I'll always love her." Jayden closed her eyes. She didn't have a say, once again, her options were eliminated.

"Jayden?" A voice rang in Jayden's ear. Jayden shot up, her eyes staring up into Mitch's. She looked around confused. The walls were an off white, a metal rimmed TV hung up in a corner, a machine sat in one corner, and another in a different one. There were flowers and balloons everywhere saying get well, except one narrow vase that had just a single flower in it.

"Where am I?" she asked confused. Mitch took one of her hands and looked her in the eye. His face was soft and his eyes looked hurt and exhausted from lack of sleep, but he looked rather relieved.

"Jay, we thought we lost you. You were in a coma for almost a month," Mitch replied back. Jayden blinked confused. What did he mean? She started thinking back on what she could remember.

"Wha-what do you mean coma? What happened to Deam and Clever?" Jayden was starting to panic. She winced as she felt pricks of pain shoot through her. Mitch hushed her and squeezed her unharmed hand.

"You killed Deam. Don't worry," he said soothing. His eyes were soft and they showed her the truth. They weren't Elliot's mesmerizing dark blue eyes, but they were a rich emerald. Whenever the sun shined from an angle, they were like sparkling stones.

"I did what?!" she exclaimed astonished. Mitch leaned forward and put his finger to her lips.

"Shh, whenever you're ready, I'll explain," he promised. Jayden slumped her shoulders and shrugged. He was right. She wasn't ready to hear what she didn't want to hear. Jayden looked up at Mitch and stared into his eyes. Without think or realizing what she was doing, her lips ended up on his. He was taken by surprise but then wrapped his arms around Jayden and kissed her back. Her lips parted as his did, inviting his deliciousness to hers. His lips were soft, making her tingle as if a thousand needles were dotting her. His tongue was something else and she didn't want it to end. It was more than something she enjoyed.

The door busted opened and Jayden yanked back. Leah and Cindy stood in the door way shocked at what they just saw, but then squealed when they saw Jayden up. They rushed over to her, tears suddenly streaming down their faces.

"Oh God, thank you," Leah cried happily. She hugged Jayden tightly and kissed her on the cheek.

"Hello there Leah and Cindy," Jayden replied back, a smile on her lips. She almost lost her life, but secretly she thanked God. She wouldn't know what would have happened if Deam actually killed her. She was happy and relieved that her life was spared, just because of a little white rose that she secretly glanced at from time to time. 'Elliot, thank you so very much. You are my key and you'll always be in my heart...'.