The You I Admire

The You I Admire

(Dedicated to a man who made me feel infinitely treasured and helped me see it was okay to feel that way…who shall remain anonymous. I'll always love you for what you did for me.)

by iloveanimecartoons

Original September 5, 1994

Revision March 25, 2008

You know that you're different and special to me

Which makes me feel good, I can say, honestly

You treat me superb and you help me out

I really appreciate that with no doubt

There's something to be said for just holding your face

The warmth of your arms as we slowly embrace

The comfort I feel around you…no one else can

give me the security you give to me and

Someone to always talk to and to always care

A person to miss when they are not there

The you I admire must have been heaven-sent

You're one in a million, one hundred percent

Can I be quite honest? You're a mold for a man

I'd use you for an example whenever I can

And say, "This is how a real man should be"

Don't go lying, cheating and running the streets

Give your woman Q.T. and know when to give space

Love is not to be harsh and love isn't a race

Take the time to be real and you should be okay"

Well, that depends on how things turn out, anyway…

But, back to the facts, I lie to you not

I wish for your happiness (mean it—a lot!)

The you I admire, the way you're arranged

I'd definitely feel the difference if you ever changed