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Chapter One:

Midnight Ride

My whole body seemed to go rigid when I saw those double doors open wide. A man clad in blue royal uniform stared at me with a Cheshire smirk.

"So this is the girl I requested." He said his voice smooth and confident. The guards nodded and the Prince stepped forward. "You don't see many women with red hair in these parts, it is actually quite fascinating." His hands caressed my cheek and I flinched away, but he caught my hair and held me.

"You are like a frightened rabbit my little fire." He gave a tug to my hair and I yelped. "Maybe if you behave I will be nice to you." I kind of doubted that, for the prince to be nice to someone it would seem to be a miracle. I heard things about him, dark things; he was not a nice man.

My family owes quite a debt to his. My father is an inventor; he has done many things asking for many loans from the royal house. Gratefully they gave it to him knowing my father was actually a knowledgeable man, but they rushed science. Every attempt my father had at making something failed with the royal families constant rushing. With ever experiment failed he owed the family the gold they paid him.

I had no doubt that my father was a smart man and could make anything if he put his mind to it. The thing was the royal family has grown weary of giving him money, and I am how he will pay it all off.

I stared at the princes features. He was so cocky and conceited with his smirk. The way his eyes glimmered sickened me, they were a bright blue I saw many of the canines had roaming about the street. They felt like they could tear you to shreds in the little time of a second. His hair was black like his soul and when he prowled around the castle people felt fear that he would attack out of nowhere. He was the youngest of the family and very fowl. Beyond those poisoned features I could see why some women fancied him; he had the strong chin and a very well molded body, chiseled with muscles from long training. Women loved a man that could hold his own, and Prince Daniel sure seemed like he could.

His strong hands gave another yank to my hair and I stumbled falling to my knees at his feet. His smirk broadened into a sickening smile like he was pleased by his display. Around me I saw the guards snicker while the maids covered their mouths in astonishment.

"The prince is at it again. He is such a rude boy?" I heard them whisper.

How could this man be a boy? He looked so much older and was such much taller then I was, I stood barely over five feet and he looked well above six. Then again most men in this country were quite tall while the women were mostly petit.

I felt my body cringe as I tried to back away, but his hold on my hair was strong. I felt his breath on my neck as he came closer and it made me panic. I felt my heart bounce against my ribs doing back flips in my stomachs telling me I should get away, but no matter how hard I tried I stayed silent. I stayed still. This Prince could get away with anything. No one would stop him and ask his actions, if I even looked at him the wrong way he could kill me.

I stayed so still that he chuckled and grabbed my face bringing my gaze to his. Staring at his eyes scared me. It felt like I was being stripped naked and he was seeing every piece of me I tried to hide. When I tried to pull my gaze away he squeezed my cheeks forcing me to look at him.

"What is you name?"

I didn't answer him, I was too scared. He grabbed my face hard and I winced, waiting for him to slap me or anything, but he just repeated the question squeezing my face until an answer tore from my lips. "My name is Rose! Please stop that hurts!"

That seemed to amuse him, but I felt sick. He pushed me away releasing my face as he stood up nodding to the guards. At once they heaved me up my arms. This time I didn't even try to fight. I let my body just go and I sagged there feeling defeated.

'Why me? Why does he have to do this to me?'

When the Prince turned his backs the guards gave me a look over with pity in their eyes. Their true colors were not black, but pure. Around the Prince they were cruel heartless bastards, but when they were gone they looked as if they wanted to save me from them. I prayed that they would.

"We are sorry about his actions miss." My attention was averted when a small stout woman came with her fingers rummaging around with her skirts nervously. "He is such a dog." Her stubby finger released themselves from the folds of her dress to quickly brush and fix my hair that had been messed by the Prince's hold.

The guards didn't attempt to stop her when she pulled me from their hands giving me a comforting smile.

"It will be all right. The Prince always gets bored, and will find a new victim for his heinous acts." I didn't say anything as she ushered me along, I just prayed that he wouldn't. Thinking about another girl like me going through all this scared me half to death. "Dear may I ask you something?"

We stopped there in the courtyard and she turned to me with a worried expression. All I could do was nod.

"You are not a virgin are you dear?"

My face brightened and I quickly turned around my tongue tied in knots. How could she even ask me that? Did that even matter where I was now? It wasn't like the Prince was interested me, I was probably just going to be his slave.

When her face deepened with concern I began to worry and I gave her a very pathetic look. "Why does that matter?"

"Because dear you are not just anybody the Prince wants right now. He is going to make you his slave wife in every way." I froze at the term. Being a slave wife didn't sound very good at all, in fact is sounded horrible. I felt my heart sink and my lips turned to a deep frown as I stared at the woman. "It is a pity you will have to lose it to him."

"I will be giving my virtue to some vulture!" Everyone went white and turned to the doors that have yet to be closed. The Prince's body turned and I felt a lump in my throat as he reared his head around.

"Excuse me?"

Quickly the maid threw herself in front of me and the Prince's weapon- his eyes. "Young Lord she meant no harm, please disregard the comment!"

He didn't even listen. The Prince easily dismissed the maid tossing her aside as if she was nothing as he made is way towards me. With ever step he took I took a few several back. Suddenly then I was up against a wall and he pounced.

Like a wolf his jaws snapped at me with an insults before the claws, which were his fingers dug into my shoulder. I cried out and he pushed me hard against the brick of the castle making me gasp.

"You think you have in the choice in the matter of you precious virtue?" he said his eyes flicking down there before coming back to mine. "I will take it whether it is willing or by force."

I wanted to stare at him. I wanted to say no and pull away from him, but the courage wasn't there. He saw it to; when his eyes twinkled at my fear I knew he had me. If you act submissive to a predator you always will be.

His hands crept down and everyone almost seemed to come to his attention. I felt his fingers brush along my legs through my dresses before he hiked it up right by my thighs. His hand then disappeared and I felt his fingers touch the most sensitive part of me. They tickled there teasing me and tears sprang to my face.

The public display of sexual torture caused many to turn around, but not for long. When his fingers pressed past my folds I screamed and swung my hand.

Everyone one around me gasped as I smacked the Prince in front of his subjects falling to the ground to cover the dignity I still had left.

He though just got the dignity slapped out of him. He grabbed my by the hair once more jerking my face up taking his fingers that had touched me so deeply and pressed them past my lips opening my mouth.

"Taste yourself filthy whore." I tried to turn away but he jerked me back. "Don't you dare bite!"

Tears sprang to my face, and when he saw it he knew he won. The Prince let go and stared down at me the side of his face red from the force of my blow.

"You will treat me with respect or I will take your virtue in public."

Fear struck my heart and I shook my head in disbelief.

The crowd hid behind anything they could to stay out of the Prince's way, and this time to be sure they waited before coming as soon as the doors closed.

The first person by my side was the maid.

"Dear god! I have not known him to be so cruel! Are you all right Rose darling?"

I nodded to her, but clearly I was not. She knew it from the tears and my shaking. It was the first time anyone that touched me. She took me by the arms rubbing my shoulders trying to console me while she led me inside the castle.

"I will show you to your room and you could get a good nights rest."

"Thank you." I whispered before following her slowly behind feeling like a lost puppy.

People around me stared rather frightened; it was probably because of what she did. The side of my face stung from the collision and it showed from the pink swelling on my cheek. I stared people in the eye for only a second before my vision was pushed to another person in front of me.

They all whispered something about what happened, and each on of them was more wrong then the next. I couldn't even explain half of them! All I knew was that word got around fast and Rose was the victim in the tales.

It made me furious to think some common girl that just came here is getting more attention then I was getting in this life time.

If there weren't so many people here under the royal family control I would kill all of them. Instead I just roamed the halls with an angry fa├žade.

That look vanished slowly when I saw a more sinful vixen at more door. I knew her quite well, her name was Eleanor. I had met her about a month ago, and every night of almost every day she came to my bed. She came when I asked her, but if I didn't she never dare came to my door.

I saw a smile grow across her red lips echoing my smirk as I came towards her. Her fingers found away behind my neck tickling my nape as she pressed her slender form against my body.

"How is my Prince?"

"Not good." I said with a chuckle as I bet my lips down feeling her tongue just flick playfully there. Many of the castle guards and maids didn't approve of her, and my family was even more disgusted. Her appeal to everyone was way below average, but I didn't care. Her body appealed to me more then she really did, and if I could get what I wanted out of her I would take it.

A fake pout came over her features and I saw her giggle. She was obviously reading what I wanted on my face because her fingers started to slide down my chest away from their hold on my neck.

"Really," she purred staring at me her hazel hues dulling into a dark chocolate brown. "Maybe I can make it better."

Taking her hips I nudged her towards the door my head angling so I could catch her neck. "Maybe you can, maybe you can't?"

"Can I try?"

"If you want to." I heard her moan from the back of her throat as I nipped gently at her sensitive spot. I figured all the areas out quickly that would drive her body wild, and I used them with expertise.

It was before I started making my way into the room when I found my little Fire staring at me with the maid at her side.

From right across the hall I saw him; it was so plain to see. The woman in his arms was obviously not new to the Prince's presence as I was and it sickened me. The way she ground her hips against his and licked and prodded her tongue against his lips.

"How can she do that with him?"

The maid stopped and turned the wrinkles on her face frowning with her confusion. She moved from where she was heading to where I stood staring down the hall as the Prince disappeared in the room with his mate for the evening.

"Oh that is Eleanor, a very beastly woman."

"I could see that by the ways she easily dug her claws in him."

"I believe it is the other way around." She stammered grabbing my hand with her old fingers. They were cool against my skin pulling my gaze away from his door to the cold bite of her grasp. I followed her tugging and stared at the back of her head as she dragged me along. "Been a few months now since they started this tirade. She gets rid of his sexual drives, be glad she is here so you don't have to take on the blunt of his need."

"His need?"

"You really do have a virgin mind." I could sense the laughter as she spoke.

"Have you had expirence?"

"Many times when I was young, and with a lot of men like Prince Daniel."

"His name is Daniel?"

"Yes." She caught my interest, and I knew his name. "The Prince is a man who thinks of women as breeding material, good for bed and home, but nothing else. He has no respect for what we women can do. That is why young girls break so easily under him."

"Did you break under him Ms-"

"Ms. Potter, and no. I was far too old to peek his interests."

I bowed my head and put a more quick step to my stride. "I'm sorry."

"I'm not." She said boastfully. "That boy is just horrible, I am glad he saw nothing in me." I took another quick look at her figures and shrugged. I could see why someone wouldn't find her attractive in her age now. Ms. Potter had gained probably a lot of weight, she had thick rosy cheeks and a fat little nose placed directly in the middle of her face separating those small beady eyes hiding by her small reading glasses. I didn't even care to look at her hair that sat at a brown rat nest at the top of her head.

"It is too bad I am not that fortunate."

"It comes with beauty my dear."

I had to kind of step back in my thoughts when she used that word. I never thought I classified in the beauty department. When she said that I was kind of happy, but worried at the same time. If I was considered beautiful in the Prince's eyes would I become that woman in the bedroom.

'I hope not.' I thought with a sense of dread.

"Anyway this is your room." Ms. Potter opened the door and I stared at it for awhile before smiling and stepping inside.

"Thank you."

"Good night."

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